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the peas are escaping...........

Thanks so much to all who let me know that they're getting the feed o.k. :) I'm just going to assume it's business as usual. It was a little weird to check it out and see I suddenly had no feed subscribers. Anyway, it seems to still be here goes. Don't you love it when you see something and it just inspires you right away? Love, love how that works. I had one of those moments a week or so ago. I was checking out the very talented Michele Beauchamp's blog when I saw this post using inapod in a spiral. Loved it! Inapod is such a cool looking tangle but I've never really used it - something about seeing it like this with the loose little tendrils just made me want to play with a tendril-ly inapod, too. Here the result - you can never have enough green :) hx

Heartstrings - VIDEO and variations

Feedburner is doing funny things with the stats, showing me that my subscribers have disappeared. I have my fingers crossed the feed is going out. If you subscribe via email, and you receive this, I would love it if you could post a comment, or email me to let me know that it is working. Thankyou, thankyou :) O.k, so I finally got this video uploaded after 5 tries! Aaargh! Last night, on my 4th try, it told me it was going to take 7 hours to upload.......huh?!?.......what?????!!! So I just cancelled it and tried again this morning at a slightly reduced resolution. It worked.. Quickly, too! You'll probably want to view it in a larger view to see the detail due to all the fine string lines. Some variations. Linda Farmer at came up with the idea to flip alternate rows of hearts. Love this idea. Here's mine with some randomised lines. Love the squished hearts. Brief step-outs of the variations on the video. Use the basic pattern step-out fo

a little more quandary

I am waiting........and waiting.......and waiting for a video to upload to Youtube that I wanted to put up today, but as it's taking forever I thought I would post a few images of my quandary play over the weekend. Quandary Sphere: I love to put patterns through their paces and see how they work - one "test" I do a lot is to see if they work as a sphere. I saw some circles looking through the challenge responses last week that looked great. Here's my version: Little daisies : a real quick one that gave me an excuse to play with hot pink/purple which I love almost as much as lime green. A bit of randomising - adding lines in the negative space - reminds me of triangle puf. In the time it took to do this post my video has crept along another 10% - it may be done by my next anniversary.........or if I'm lucky.....tonight! Off to pick some veggies for tea. hx

Challenge #107 - Quandary

It's Friday. BIG YAY FOR FRIDAY! I *think* we've made it over the hump - our Jersey is coming to the gate to be milked (she luuuuuurves those pellets), she's no longer scared of the milking machine, we're now able do it by ourselves, so we can share the "shifts". AND from next week I will start getting up at 6am rather than 5am to bring her in. Oh, yeah, and it rained yesterday and the forecast is for more over the next week. woohoo! So, fingers crossed, I can now get back to my regularly scheduled program of drawing. and, oh yes, sleep. Sweet, precious, sleep. This weeks Diva Challenge - the official tangle Quandary - step-outs were released last week in the Zentangle Newsletter. I love it. So cute. Lots of little daisies and I do love my daisies. Quandary Embroidery:  A bit of a recurring theme for me - wrapping laces around needles and stitchery themes. Love them. Quandary cooperated beautifully. Dandelion:  with little individual quandary

challenge #106 - Year of the Snake

I'm tired. Soooooooo tired. Milking. Bah. John and I are up every morning at 5am doing the first milking - the cow still needs us both to get her in and John has been in the kicking zone putting on the cups, etc for most of this week - I have just started to do this over the past 2 days. We need to get it done before John has to get ready for work, hence the early start. The cow has been great (no kicks!) and is getting into the routine - after about another week I'll take over the morning shift by myself and move it to a much more respectable 6am. Anyway, all this = both of us very tired. At least I've been able to have a quick nap most days. And, on the plus side I have fresh milk, cream, homemade yogurt, ricotta, and today - as I have about 20 litres of milk and a litre of cream in the fridge - icream and butter! Now, onto this weeks diva challenge   which was to take inspiration from the Chinese Year of the Snake. Snakes - I don't love them - but living in a rur

VIDEO - Brax

A bit of a sad weekend for us here on the farm. Our Jersey cow that we have been grooming to become our new house milking cow started to have her first calf on Friday evening. Saturday morning John and I got up all excited to see the new calf but it had died. So disappointing. Anyway, we have started milking her - she is still a little scared of the milking machine, but is doing well and should have settled down within the week. Love having fabulous fresh, unpasteurised milk again. So, here's the video for Brax: I've had to switch comment verification back on - it annoys me so much, but the volume of spam was getting to me - I think I was deleting around 20 + a day. Also, if you've signed up to follow the blog via email and you're not getting an email when I post, you may not have completed the verification/confirmation process. You need to click in the link in the verification email to confirm your subscription before they will automatically be delivered. Ho

VIDEOS - Y-flip

Hey. So, I've been totally unmotivated. It's hot....yes.... still really hot. I've started back at school this week. I have no energy and, I'm completely bored with myself. Result = no drawing this week. Today I decided I needed to do something, so, I've put together a quick video for Y-Flip using my new camera - much better video quality filming with my SLR than my ipod (as you'd expect), but as it's so much heavier, and with the tripod I have, harder to mount over my work so I've had to film from the side which isn't great and means I have to draw at a bit of an odd angle to avoid getting my big, fat head in the way. Will have to play with this set up a bit, I think. Here's Y-flip, includes how to do basic and extended y versions from my initial post Enjoy! hx