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ripples VIDEO

Not much happening on the drawing front here this week. Around home the frosts continue (we've had about 8 over the past 2 weeks) . It's not a lot of fun going out and picking frosty veggies from the garden for the cows morning snack - she has to have her greens when I milk her! So glad we are past the shortest day - bring on the 7am daylight again! Here's the Ripples video: Enjoy! hx

bracketed VIDEO

Here's a video for Bracketed: I've done one for Ripples also but they take soooooo long to upload it'll have to wait for another day or so. hx

ribbon ring

It's been cold here - frost for the last 4 or 5 mornings. It takes a bit of motivation to get up and milk the cow, I can tell you! I sketched this one up last night and finished it up today - a LOT of shading work - which always kills my neck/back. Being short-sighted, I find it easier to do detail work without my glasses and subconsciously move closer and closer until I'm hunched over, about 5cm away from the page! So, I was very, very glad when I was ready to declare it complete! Neutral shading tones for this one. The ribbons are double-sided, so the pattern changes back and forth as they twist. Here's a progression of linework/(some) shading/final product: Hope you're having a fabulous weekend - I think I have worn myself out drawing over the past few days. hx


Yesterday I found myself doing my last class for the term. I thought that I'd be finishing next Tuesday, but the teachers have a planning day scheduled, so, I'm on school holidays for the next 4 1/2 weeks. Yay, me! Paisleys. Love them! Clearly, though, they are on my mind a lot more than I thought - I was sitting on the couch a couple of days ago innocently reading my book when a turned back paisley popped into my head - I have learnt that unless I get these images that just randomly appear sketched out pretty quick, they just slip back into the primordial ooze, never to be seen again. So, in order to figure out if I could make the turned edge paisley look work, I grabbed my sketchbook. After I drew the first one, I was thinking "flower petal", so, I just kept going and turned a series of them into a flower. Then, I kept the petal shapes, ditched the paisleys, and drew some stylised 'mums: hx

possibly a little too much Pink Floyd

I have been listening to "The Wall" on almost constant repeat for about a week - Erin bought home a tape from a garage sale and as soon as she started playing it I remembered how much I used to love this album and headed straight to iTunes to download it. That was over a week ago and I have really immersed myself in it. Re-watched the movie and have been reading an in-depth analysis. Ah, such is the way of a compulsive person. Another week or so and it'll be out of my system. Anyway, over the weekend I drew this - I started off thinking about the loopy paisley shapes of my last drawings, but wanted to play with weaving the lines in and out of each other: So, then I shaded and added the straight detail lines. My husband took one look and said it looked like worms. Gross. So not the effect I was after, and, possibly the subliminal result of all that Pink Floyd. So, I added the random-ish checks which hopefully gives it the more loose, organic, non-worm appearance I was

goodbye G139

Curvy lines - what's not to love? If I'm staring at a blank page with no idea of what I'm doing there, I'll just doodle a curving line - usually a loose "s" shape - to start me off. Sometimes I like to be more deliberate and start with a sinuous line that creates a whole heap of stacked paisley shapes then see where they take me. Some examples: Here's a looser version: Todays offering: I haven't coloured anything for a while, so went with my fave combo of lime green/purple. I'm o.k. with it, I do love the way the centres look all connected (in some spots, anyway) and, well, all juicy :) I probably would've preferred a greyscale version, though. For this design I used my favourite pale lime green marker - it was on its last legs - it took a lot of coaxing and we just barely managed to get