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ripples VIDEO

Not much happening on the drawing front here this week. Around home the frosts continue (we've had about 8 over the past 2 weeks) . It's not a lot of fun going out and picking frosty veggies from the garden for the cows morning snack - she has to have her greens when I milk her! So glad we are past the shortest day - bring on the 7am daylight again!

Here's the Ripples video:




  1. Helen, Thank you so much for both of these videos ~ I really appreciate the time and effort you put into them. I love grid patterns ~ these are wonderful!

  2. Thanks for the vids Helen, you make it look so easy with your steady hand. Designs are lovely.

  3. Thanks Helen, I wish I had your steady hand! Mary(UK)

  4. Love your vids! Thank you so much for sharing, You make brackets look so easy to do, mine always end up looking wonky :^/


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