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Breaking out the Moleskine

The sudden rush of activity? All due to the fact that we had a bit of a cold week - and me, being the fair-weather gardener that I am, spent most of my time indoors drawing and reading. The sun is shining again and hay carting is about to

Anyway, this week I cracked open one of my moleskine folios. It's been ages since I've done a bit of random doodling, so I guess it was time.

Some time back I did a series of these once a week, but I'm not really very good at long-term projects, so I didn't keep it up for long. If you're interested you can check out all the moleskine posts here.
Here's my second 3.5 inch challenge square for the FB Group: Square One Zentangle - this week it was to use Assunta. Since I've been having an Inapod romance this week, I combined the two. I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying freewheeling on the smaller format.

Around home: 
I put my name down on the swarm list with my local bee group - and got a ca…

Turning Old into New Challenge

Brace yourselves, it's a long one!

This weeks challenge put together by Sandy Hunter was to tackle the basic structure of a pattern i.e. free form or grid, and turn it on its head by gridding up a freeform pattern, or doing the reverse.  Brilliant - just the sort of thing I love to do!

I regularly take gridded patterns and turn them into a freeform design, so I decided to take a cruise through the pattern folder and find some freeform patterns to turn into a grid.

Here are the results (along with some earlier blog images using the patterns where I could find them):


Love, love this as a grid and will be definitely using it again. 
Here it is in a wonky grid:

and a freeform version I did in Feb. 2013


Leaflet already utilises a framework of S-strokes, which can be regimented or very loose, but I wanted to try drawing it within the confines of a grid and, again, love how it turned out.
Leaflet on a loose S framework: MARYHILL


I played with this one a bit and coul…


So, I've got all these pattern ideas on scraps of paper strewn around my desk - I've been avoiding them as I wasn't planning on posting any more this year as the 2014 Pattern Folio is completed, ready  to go and I'm not adding to it............but, I just couldn't help myself from playing with one, and then I loved it so much I wanted to post, here it is, an early 2015 pattern.

I've called it Sails. Now,  you may have guessed that I don't really think all that much about pattern names......pretty much the first thing that pops into my head when I get to that stage is "it". This pattern in it's basic format reminded me of windsurfer sails.

The basic pattern:
What I've found particularly fun about this one is the seemingly endless permutations using straight, curved or s strokes to form the grid, changing the direction of the curved fill strokes or shading choices - I could have done quite a few more, but decided to stop at 8 var…

full throttle........

Life. Is. Crazy. Spring time here is pretty much all about the gardens. Mostly the veggie garden.

In the past 2 weeks I've started a dedicated cut flower garden (10m x 1.5m), done a stack of work in the veggie garden (middle pic, it's huge), completed first section of potager (3/4 the way there in pic 3 - this first section of the new garden is about 7metres by 4 metres - there will be another 3 or 4 stages until it is done - not all this year, though!). The potager will have branch structures which I am going to love making.

I also managed to finish up (finally) the 2014 Pattern Folio - I've been stalling on the cover and checking that all the links work. It's now ready to go in December! Here's the cover:

The 2014 Pattern Folio includes patterns posted on the blog this year along with the ones included in the 2013 version..........I was surprised what a busy year I'd had once I put it all together.
The Folio will go out early December to blog email subscriber…