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Ruffel Tangle Pattern

A week or so ago the   Square One Facebook group  pattern focus was my pattern Steps (thrilling) - my experimentation took me in a bit of a different direction and I ended up with this tile: I was asked to do a step-out showing how I did the tile above, but ended up getting distracted (as usual) with a spin-off idea and ended up with this which I like way better: Here are the step-outs, it can also be done as a continuous pattern: This pattern did not make it in time for the 2015 edition of the Pattern Folio which, by the way, will be going out in a few days, if you're not signed up please make sure to do it right away - you can read more about it here . Note to email subscribers: you should have gotten an email today with a discount book offer. There's actually a couple of reasons for me sending this out: 1. I wanted to send it to you :) 2. The 2015 Pattern Folio will be going out in the next few days - if you did not receive today's emai