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Wrapped Rose Tangle PATTERN and VIDEO

My patterns have definitely been heavy on the rose theme over the past year, with Crumpled Roses, String Rose and now Wrapped Rose. 
Wrapped Rose reminds me a bit of the folk art roses I used to paint back in the early 90's. Good times.
I'm not sure if I consider Wrapped Rose more of a drawing technique than a pattern as I believe patterns should be able to continue in all directions infinitely which, in theory I suppose this could, though I don't know how it'd look. Regardless, it's fun and I became a bit obsessed with playing with the possibilities over the past week...until I wasn't hahaha.
Here's a step out:   The last step shows the petals numbered in the order in which I drew them. You can make these as large or small as you wanted. I could easily have stopped here at 5 or 8 or get the picture :)

Here's a completed drawing:
This was sketched out first in my journal then finished off in procreate so I could create the delicious black hi…

Daisies Make Me Cross......more

Thank you all for the kind thoughts everyone :) I am out of practice with posting and realised that I forgot to share this recent DMMC pattern drawing with the video yesterday. Enjoy!
Have a great day!

Daisies Make Me Cross - VIDEO

Hello, everyone! A belated Happy New Year to you all. I think (kinda, maybe), I am back from my hiatus. 
2017 was a difficult one for our family. During the final push to complete my studies (being a bit of a perfectionist, I put a lot of added pressure on myself to do well), my beautiful mother passed away as I was working on my final projects, then my brother-in-law died a few short weeks later. It was....... a year. I found, after a couple of false starts, I just couldn't get going creatively. So rather than force it, I took a break spending time around the farm, gardening, and teaching myself a few new programs that I can use for my creative endeavours. I always enjoy learning new stuff and have found myself creating more both conventionally and digitally of late and I'm loving it.
So........let's see how it all pans out :)
First up this year, I have a Daisies Make Me Cross pattern video for you. You can see the original pattern step-out post here.

I recently read abo…