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Wrapped Rose Tangle PATTERN and VIDEO

My patterns have definitely been heavy on the rose theme over the past year, with Crumpled Roses , String Rose  and now Wrapped Rose.  Wrapped Rose reminds me a bit of the folk art roses I used to paint back in the early 90's. Good times. I'm not sure if I consider Wrapped Rose more of a drawing technique than a pattern as I believe patterns should be able to continue in all directions infinitely which, in theory I suppose this could, though I don't know how it'd look. Regardless, it's fun and I became a bit obsessed with playing with the possibilities over the past week...until I wasn't hahaha. Here's a step out:   The last step shows the petals numbered in the order in which I drew them. You can make these as large or small as you wanted. I could easily have stopped here at 5 or 8 or get the picture :) Here's a completed drawing: This was sketched out first in my journal then finished off in procreate so I could