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Olipze Tangle Pattern - How I would draw this VIDEO

Hey, all! Thank you very much for all the well-wishes - you're the best! I'm doing very well with my physio, I am walking 6km 5-6 times a week, have a new pillow and am on the search for a new mattress. I'm feeling really good.
Today I've got another "how I would draw this" video. This pattern, Olipze, came up in conversation on my Facebook page when I was on the hunt for challenging patterns. Olipze is created by Jody Genovese, and you can view the step out here.
I have to admit, I found this one pretty challenging as there is no starting grid or framework so the initial placement and spacing is guesswork. Once I got the basic pattern worked out I tried to create a "wonky" version and, was hard to do. I needed to create a framework of lines that were later erased and ended up drawing it on my ipad.
Here's the video showing the basic pattern:

Here's my "wonky" drawing: Have a great day!

Apacore and a tale of bad posture......

Hello! I can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks since my last post. First up, here's a drawing share - using the Apacore tangle pattern which was almost complete when I was forced to put a stop to my drawing activities - I finished it up yesterday.

So, why the long break between posts? If you follow A Little Lime on Facebook you'll know I've been having some shoulder issues. If not, well, let me fill you in........
Since I was a kid, from time to time I have gotten a stiff neck and shoulder which I always put down to sleeping badly, but back in 2016 when I returned to study I spent too many hours in front of the computer doing online courses which probably would've been o.k. except for the fact that I spent that time sitting, likely twisted, with my legs crossed and chin in hand. After about 3 days I had a really stiff neck, and walked around like a robot for about a week. Since then I've had continual flare ups in my neck and shoulder, especially when I s…

Down the rabbit hole

Yep.....I've disappeared down the organisational rabbit hole.
Over the past week or so I've been curating my Pattern Reference Folder. You can read more about the system that I use here.
It's an ongoing project that will never be finished as I regularly organise, update, add and remove patterns. Generally when I do work on it, I only manage a few hours before I'm distracted by experimenting with one of the patterns.
The folder is set up in alphabetical order as this is what works best for me, using 2" pattern swatches. I add new patterns when I see one that interests me. Depending on the time I have, they are added in a variety of ways...... no time.....I just write the pattern title on a swatch and then slip it in the folder to go back and review at a later datea bit of time......a quick, rough sketch of the patternlots of time.....I go through the folder, starting at the first page and do the following:organise into strict alphabetical order (because......I'…

Book Sale!!!

Since I have been left to my own devices for a few days whilst John is off fighting fires in the eastern part of the state - I've decided to have a book sale to keep myself busy.
So, if you've been waiting to purchase one of my books just to check them out or to complete your collection or maybe even buy one for a friend - now is the time!
All of my "big" books are on sale until midnight this Thursday 29/03 (my time) with a discount of $4.00 applied to each book. 
Click on the book covers below to add them to your shopping cart - the discount will automatically be applied in the cart total.
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Want more info about the individual e-books? Visit my e-books page.
Please note - the discount will be applied no matter where on the site you add the e-books to your cart.
Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!

Gourdgeous Tangle Pattern - VIDEO

Just a quick post today to share the next instalment in my "how I would draw this....." series. Today's pattern is Gourdgeous. Here is the video:
(if viewing this post via email you may need to visit here to see the video)
This is the technique I use to create a more overall pattern effect with Gourdgeous and I love how it turns out. If you need to slow down the video you can do so using the video control settings (see this post  to see how).
This series of "how I would draw this" videos will come out sporadically, I'll do them when I find a way of drawing patterns that I think will be useful to you. I generally have the most fun with the more challenging patterns :)
I'm very happy to be creating videos again. This has come about as I am now able to record them on my ipad - I now don't have to worry about camera set up, lighting, my hand in the way, etc., etc. This makes the recording and editing process is so much faster which = more videos. I als…

Gourdgeous Tangle Pattern

Brace yourself, the following post contains prodigious use of the word "gourds"- you may risk being sent into a gourd induced coma..........
Up until now I have not played with the Zentangle pattern Gourdgeous. I generally work with single patterns on a drawing and, yep, I admit it.......I like patterns that I can really transform and I just didn't see how I was going to be able to do this. I thought I would be limited to drawing.....well..... a "group of gourds".
So, what got me started with it? Well, over the past few weeks I have been working on my pattern file curating and updating. It's a constant work in progress and a project that will never be complete, I find it very relaxing (I'll be writing a post about it in the near future). Anyway, I was working on the G section and came across a roughly scratched out 2" swatch of Gourdgeous - I needed a more polished sample of the pattern for my file so I started practicing with it and yep, I was ho…

Tile catchup

Each week on the Square One facebook group, a new focus pattern is posted which is to be the subject of a zentangle tile (3.5" square white tile, fine line marker pen, greylead shading, hand-drawn). 
I enjoy it because it is very challenging for me to work within the size and medium constraints. Plus it introduces me to new patterns that I likely would not have seen. BONUS!
Here are some of my recent tiles: SKYE
 TOFUBE From time to time I get a message letting me know the speed of a particular video is too fast for some people. The following screenshots (see red arrows) show you how you can adjust the playback to the speed that suits you best. I am not sure if these options are available if you are viewing the video in an email - you may need to visit the website. Hope this helps out!
We may finally get some rain over the next few days which is very exciting - you can see how dry the paddocks are in this video. The bull and jersey2 love it when they are in this paddock ne…