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all the good things.........

Hello everyone!

As you guys may have noticed from my lack of new content and recent comments in the Bushfires book drive post that I have decided that the time has come for me to officially stop posting and creating on A Little Lime - this will be effective from 25th January, 2020.

There is no story or drama behind the decision, I have simply found that I don't have the same interest in drawing that I used to and I have never had the ability create and share unless I feel excited about what I am doing. I also want to minimise my internet presence and focus more on my family (first grandchild arriving in 2020).

So, that is really it, essentially.

I hope that during my time in the tangling community I was able to contribute something innovative and unexpected and that during your visits here you were able to experience something a little different.

I feel that I am stepping back on a really positive note - the recent book drive means that with your help so far I have been able to do…


I just wanted to create a quick post today to say how overwhelmed I was to see the response to my small attempt to help Wildlife Victoria in their bushfire efforts. I really had no idea what would happen when I put it out there yesterday. I was hoping to be able to donate, maybe, a couple of hundred dollars!
I think that in the face of all the problems our world is currently facing it is so easy to feel discouraged and ineffectual in our ability to do anything. Your response has uplifted me and given me hope that maybe we can. So thank you. I know that events of any type usually have the best response within the first 24 hours, so I have already forwarded a payment to Wildlife Victoria today and you can see the details in the screenshot below  (my address and the receipt number have been removed for the sake of privacy). I will be making a final donation on the 25th after all sales are complete.
Thanks again, guys, you are amazing!


Hello everyone! It's been a while, right? I have had many "welfare check" emails and messages from you guys over the past few weeks, I wanted to let you know that yes, we are fine. The closest bushfires are quite a distance away in the east of my home state and are no immediate threat to us besides the very poor air quality we are experiencing.
So, thank you to those who have reached out. I appreciate your thoughfulness :)
I know that many of you have been watching around the world at the bushfire disaster unfolding for months now across a number of Australian states, and the terrible toll this is taking not only on our fellow Australians and the emergency services, but also on our native animals. The large scale destruction of their bush environments is truly awful. The real cost to them will not be known until it is over, but there are concerns for a number of species that were already pushed to the limits and under threat even before this disaster.
So I want to do so…


Loopy them and use them often to create a base framework to build drawings on. They've starred in a few of my patterns, too!

About a week ago during some enforced downtime I started thinking about connecting loopy lines in a pattern and when I started experimenting on paper the happy result was the appearance of hearts - how could I resist?
So, first - the pattern: Here is a quick video showing how to draw 4 panels to create the "flower":

And finally, some samples in use:
Have a great day! hx


This one was done a few weeks ago it's my take on Q-MI by Damy Teng

The baby animal season has started with twinnie lambs born yesterday. I am keeping my eye on them as their mum has only one working teat. Last year she managed to feed both her lambs, but the year before I had to bottle feed one of them. She is a great mum though and so far it is looking good.

I'm pretty sure the other ewe is going to have twins too - she is huge and I am expecting more lambies any day now.
Have a great weekend!! hx

Design Evolution: Taiga to Trees

I've had a productive week - probably because the weather is so cold and I don't want to venture very far from the heater.
This week I experimented with the Taiga tangle by Tomas Padros - the basic pattern looks a bit like trees and my final drawing embraced that idea.
Taiga Trees - digital drawing (procreate): I thought I'd show you some scans from my sketch journal showing the Design Evolution from pattern to final drawing. I start by familiarising myself with the basic pattern and then played around with a few ideas. Sometimes this process goes nowhere except for learning how to draw the pattern, other times a design idea emerges. 
Though these sketches devolve through the process rather than become more refined, for me it's more about following threads and developing ideas for a final drawing. The end result is an amalgamation of the ideas from last 2 sketches and then, of course, the drawing evolves a little more as I'm actually creating it. Have a great day! …

All Stars and Ellipse Tangle Pattern experimentation

Hello all! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! A couple of interesting patterns came up in my FB feed this week - All Stars and Ellipse - a lot of fun and you should definitely track them down and have a go! Here are my results:
All Stars, by Tomas Padros. Digital (procreate) on a wonky grid.  Ellipse, by Hennie Brouwer. Hand-drawn on a square tile using a wonky grid.  I scanned it before I added some black fill just in case I didn't like it! What do you prefer? I like the basic shaded version.

I took a fair bit of liberty with the steps and process and mostly went my own way. I have never liked drawing starting "seeds" - it never works out well for me :(
I love experimenting with patterns that overlap to create another shape ("seeds" in these examples) and some that come to mind are MI2, 8's Parte Dos, Knyt, Way Knot, etc, etc. This post prompted me to take a look back at some of my earlier drawings.
A real oldie here - MI2 on a sphere from 2012 - I thi…