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Before John broke his leg last year and everything was put on hold, I was working on a pattern experimentation tool. I've finally been able to get back into it and found some patterns I'd already had a play with. Here is one of them:
Depending on shading or detail, two different "flower" shapes that can be emphasised in this pattern. Here are some fill ideas. 
On a wonky grid with a bit of randomising thrown in.
It's a very simple pattern with floral elements - always one of my fave themes.

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Helen, your Pod flower tangle is very interesting - besides gorgeous - indeed. I am still in the 100DaysProject and I am absolutely and definitely sure I will find a day to squeeze some Pod in. (lol)
    Thanks so much for sharing and take care.

  2. I like this a lot. It nods to Sistar which is also wonderful. Love the variation potential. And thank you as always for reminding me of the magic of releasing a tangle from the grid!


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