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A little flower and string

Life is full, home, family and farm are all busy. For today the post title pretty much says it all :)
Have a fabulous day!! hx

Moleskine 18

Every once in a while I break out my moleskine journal - the one that is full of random doodles. I was planning on starting on a fresh new page, but when I flicked through and found this drawing that had been abandoned part way through so I finished it off.

What I do love about working in these journals is that I plan nothing - I just start with a squiggle, line or shape on the page and go from there adding whatever, wherever I feel like it. Sometimes they come out great, other times they are awful, or just weird, but it is very freeing to start and end with no destination in mind :) You can check out my previous moleskine doodles here.

Sharing my heart (s)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! This week I was thrilled to have my Heartswell pattern featured as the focus tangle on the Square One: Purely Zentangle Facebook group. There's already been some wonderful tiles posted using Heartswell and I can't wait to see what the rest of the week will bring.

While I was in Heartswell mode, I did a few more tiles.
I hope that your Valentine's Day was wonderful - mine consisted the usual farm chores in the morning (milking the cow, feeding the sheep), and then my husband and I spent some quality time together roofing John's new shed. Feeling the love right there :)


That pretty much describes my life right now! I've started back at school this week and I've been exhausted - it's going to take a while to get those learning muscles back in action.

I've had this drawing "swirling" on my desk since early in the week waiting for me to scan and post. Well, I have no classes today and have finally found the time to get it done!

So here it is, a bit of Friday inspiration :)

Hope your weekend is amazing! hx

Heart Offset PATTERN

Hearts have been a pretty frequent theme on the blog over the past few years (see all the heart posts here) - there's just something wonderful about the shape. Love, love. During February I try to come up with one or two new patterns featuring hearts, but I have to admit it is getting harder to do - there's only so many approaches you can take with this basic shape.

This year's offering isn't particularly ground-breaking and has a similar base to Heartstrings. Half of the heart is drawn continuously along one side of the line (this is how I draw Heartstrings - you can see a demo in this video), then the second half is drawn offset on the other side of the line. This pattern really comes into it's own when alternately coloured - an interesting zig-zag pattern appears.

Here's the step out:
A red and black sample on some wonky lines.
On the farm we've had some long awaited rain - 75mm last week! The paddocks are greening up and we're headed into a glorious…