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more mooka lovin'

Don't fall off your chair!........I know it's been a long time since I've posted on consecutive of yesterday - I am on school holidays AND the heat has finally broken, it's been raining AND my lovely jersey girl who lost her calf has adopted a calf whose mother was sent to market, so, we only have to milk once a day now. Jersey is happy/calf is happy/we save a lot of time. A win for everyone. So, you knew I couldn't leave the challenge alone right? The speaks to me. And, yes, it IS  totally normal for me to have a picture of it under my pillow and in my wallet. Uh huh...yep....nothing weird or stalker-ish happening here. Just moving right along....... Onto the pics........ I love connecting up the strings of mooka with these kind of sticky edges.....they're great for hiding a multitude of wobbly lines, awkward curves, etc, etc. I go over all my original lines to thicken them up and then curve and fill all the

the many moods of mooka

Did you hear my squeal of excitement when this weeks Diva Challenge  was posted? It was seriously loud. 'Cause, ya and mooka........we're like totally in love. It all started back when I first saw mooka in the video demo........*sigh*........all that delicate swirly at first sight. Love, love, love. I use this pattern a lot, probably way too much (check out the gallery if you want to see some pics). Rather than sticking to a structure, I like to have the scrolls kind of everywhere. I just can't help myself! Usually, though, it's in conjunction with other patterns and the challenge this week was for mooka to go solo. Here's what I've come up with, I felt like using a bit of colour today: A mooka trio: One of the things I find a little clunky with mooka is that the base of the pattern can become a bit bulky and take away from the lovely curly scrolls, so sometimes I like to make the bases of each scroll a single string/t

Challenge #109

This weeks Diva Challenge was fun - I love wrapping things around parallel lines - particularly threads around needles and have done this a few times (check out my gallery if you want to see some examples). For my challenge piece I went along a similar route, keeping it simple, and less freeform using straight lines between the parallel bars. Hopefully I might get a bit of time to play around with patterns going over the bars, too. hx

the end of another journal

My journals are a big mix of half finished drawings, random "idea" doodles, patterns, finished drawings and crossed out ugly stuff. Years ago I would have hated that everything wasn't perfect and that it was all bound together in a journal and I had to live with for all eternity........or burn it........! That mindset would have squashed my creativity - and the anxiety of the possibility of it not being perfect from start to finish might have prevented me from starting. Now, I embrace it.......I see it as a progression of my drawing journey. The good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. Love, love, love........... it still doesn't mean I'm planning on posting the ugly stuff for all the world to see.......I'm  not that enlightened. lol. What I do like to do when I get to the final few pages of a journal is  go back through and see if there are drawings I want to complete (I'm easily distracted and often find a few that I've completely forgotten