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more mooka lovin'

Don't fall off your chair!........I know it's been a long time since I've posted on consecutive of yesterday - I am on school holidays AND the heat has finally broken, it's been raining AND my lovely jersey girl who lost her calf has adopted a calf whose mother was sent to market, so, we only have to milk once a day now. Jersey is happy/calf is happy/we save a lot of time. A win for everyone. Here's a picture of my sweet girls.

So, you knew I couldn't leave the challenge alone right? The speaks to me. And, yes, it IS  totally normal for me to have a picture of it under my pillow and in my wallet. Uh huh...yep....nothing weird or stalker-ish happening here. Just moving right along.......

Onto the pics........

I love connecting up the strings of mooka with these kind of sticky edges.....they're great for hiding a multitude of wobbly lines, awkward curves, etc, etc. I go over all my original lines to thicken them up and then curve and fill all the sharp corners. Fun, fun. I did something very similar in my pattern journal a while back but wanted to have another play.

A bit of a variation to create foliage. Alternating strokes of scrolls and leaves.

You can see a more elegant example of this technique back in this post - at the time I also did a video to demo how I did this, but never ended up posting it - probably because I'm more comfortable doing videos on my own patterns - I'm still not really sure how I feel about posting it......... and, also, I didn't know how to correctly pronounce mooka - lol - I still don't but whatever, maybe it will be helpful to someone rather than just sitting in a file on my computer, so here it is:

In the video I add an extra stroke to the leaves - the iris pattern above is just done with single strokes which allows you to create more of a flow and there's the possibility of doing the pattern in a continuous line (if you didn't do cross-over strokes - which I love to do!)

Playing with a paisley design right, love the holidays!



  1. Loved the video. Thanks for the demo! The flow of your pics give a peaceful look.

  2. Super love your sticky corner Mooka's! Great video, too =0)

  3. No wonder you love Mooka...The Jersey girls are speaking to you...MOO(ka)! Thanks for posting your tutorial...very helpful and inspiring. What number pen are you using in the video? Happy Easter Holiday!

    1. Hi Susan, Thanks. I used an 01 for this one. Hope you have a lovely easter, too.

  4. Thanks so much for posting your me inspiration to try new techniques...always, always, alway enjoy your work. Happy Easter!

  5. I totally gasped when I saw your black and white mooka here, and OH my gosh I love all your mookas! I am so excited to try and achieve more paisley-esque pods! Thank you for sharing these!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your method. Your pieces are always so lovely and beautiful. I love to emulate you but my pieces just don't have the grace and flow of yours. I so enjoy looking at your work.

  7. Holding back on videos!?! Please share I love everything you do and you little black and white number is sooo cute. Thank you so much for sharing!! Any chance of teaching us poppies?

    1. Thanks, Mary :) I will have to think about the poppies - I just freehand them, but they are fun to do. Might be a winter project :)


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