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How and when is it o.k. to use my work?

Firstly, some of the definitions I use to make things clear:

PATTERN: A pattern is a step-out instruction showing you how to recreate a pattern, similar to the sample below - you can find lots of them on my PATTERNS page.
DRAWING/DESIGN: I tend to use this wording interchangeably - a design is a drawing - it could use a pattern, or not. Pretty much everything on my blog that is not a pattern (or photo or video), I would classify as a drawing or design. Here's a "design" using the pattern above:


Before continuing, I'd like to point out the copyright information that appears on my blog and all of my e-books:

"Copyright Helen Williams 2012-2019 all rights reserved.
This blog/book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced, redistributed or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the author."

It is very important to remember that I own the artwork that I share with you, and I do love to share it, including the free resources that I make available on my blog. I wish to continue to do so for a long time to, let's go :)

What's o.k. and what's not?

  • You may freely use the patterns posted on this website to create your own unique drawings. It is always nice if you credit the source of the pattern, but this can get complicated particularly if you use a number of patterns in a given drawing, so I am not too stressed about it as I find it hard to remember to do so myself.
  •  If you wish to use the pattern step-out on your blog, to teach a class, etc - please recreate your own version of it (i.e. draw it out yourself) and credit the pattern source.
  • You may print out pattern step outs for your own personal use - i.e. to put in a pattern folder. But you may not reproduce (copy, scan, print, etc) any of my content to distribute in any way.
  • You may not reproduce my designs/drawings for profit or redistribution - in other words, you cannot use my drawings/design to create a product (t-shirt, workshop/class, book, embroidery pattern, logo, etc., etc., ) and sell it or redistribute in any way without my express permission.
  • If you do want to use one of my designs in any type of commercial application (logos, etc) - contact me - please be aware that I charge a fee for the use of my drawings in this way and I will need to know the details of its intended usage before I can say yes or no.
  • Want to use one of my designs for charity/volunteer/youth education purposes? Contact me with the details.
  • Please do not reproduce my drawings and pass them off as your own..........sadly......this happens :(
  • We all learn by practice and replication, so please feel free to redraw my designs for your own personal use and/or to share your creations with your friends (sharing online is o.k., too). If you do this, please credit the original source of your inspiration, preferably with a link back to my blog.
  • Want to use one of my designs as a tattoo? Go for it! Send me a picture, I'd love to see it! Please make sure that you retrieve the drawings from the tattoo artist so that it does not become part of the designs that he offers to all and sundry.
To finish up, I'm going to paste some questions/answers here from my FAQ - e-book downloads page that relate specifically to e-books:

Can I print out sections of your e-books to use as hand outs in my classes?
Sorry, but no. Please remember that my e-books (and all of my website content) is copyrighted material.

Sharing knowledge is a wonderful experience and I encourage you to learn the patterns or techniques that I share with you so that you can then demonstrate and teach others. You may not print out any of the material from my books, website, etc. and give them to others as hand-outs.

Can I put a copy of your e-book on my other devices?
Yes, you can put a copy of my e-book on your phone, tablet and computer - providing you own the device, are the purchaser of the e-book and it is for your personal use only.

Can I print out your e-book?
Yes, you have permission to print out a copy of the e-book you have purchased - for personal use only.

Note for teachers: I have no problems with your single, printed "personal use" copy of an e-book being used as a reference resource in your classes, but if students require copies they do need to purchase their own.

Whew, o.k., that's done. Hopefully it addresses any questions you may have and I'll add to it if more come up in the future :)

Anything that I didn't cover? Contact me.