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Fickle progression

I had a couple of people ask me what my approach was to creating this drawing - so, here's a progression image. 
Start with random dots/circles then away you go. Very easy :) Have a good one :) hx

Doodles and docos

Last week I found myself at my desk doodling away whilst listening to crime documentaries. Over two days my random doodle grew into this floral and string "wasp nest". I love creating with no end plan in mind - very relaxing. I'm coming off a very busy weekend - we had a permaculture group through for a tour of the property on Saturday. On Sunday, John and I put up a new fence in between the veg garden and one of the paddocks. I've been putting some serious nagging effort into getting this done for a couple of years - the previous loose wire fence wasn't enough of a deterrent for various animals who've decided it would be great to take a closer look at the garden from time to time.
John is on school term break after this week, so I'm working on my list of other jobs we need to get done. I live in eternal hope :)
Have a great day!

A-Z Journal - F is for Fickle

A couple of weeks ago I was finally getting back into my drawing groove when John, aka "The Dirty Purveyor of Germs" brought home a cold that he wanted to share with me. Luckily it was pretty mild and only lasted a few days, but it threw me off my game for a bit.
BC (Before Cold), I was working on this drawing. It started off as an experiment with Faux Weave for my A-Z journal but ultimately had a mind of it's own, and though this is more of a process than a pattern, I decided to call it "Fickle" and slot it into "F" spot anyway. Done and done.
This evolution of an idea is what I love most about playing with patterns - you start in one place, add in a bit of experimentation, and end up somewhere completely different. If you'd like to know more about the various strategies I use for pattern experimentation, you may like to check out my e-book Tangle Transformation.
On the blog front I have now re-done my Pattern and Image Gallery pages - next up I…

PATTERN - Daisies make me Cross

Daisies really don't make me cross - I love them! I love ALL the daisies (please, no hating from the daisy partisans) - I just couldn't resist this pattern name :) hahaha.
I have finally, FINALLY finished updating the Pattern page, please check it out and let me know your thoughts. It should be a lot easier to navigate, but if you find any glitches or incorrect links, let me know (there's a LOT of links, so I wouldn't be surprised if I've messed up somewhere).
So, anyway, when I was working on the patterns, going through my files to organise thumbnails, etc., I found another 2/8's pattern variation that I stepped out in 2016 - it wasn't published to the blog at the time and I can't remember why. Maybe I decided it was a bit simple, or just forgot - but as I included it on the new, improved pattern page (mainly because I love its name......hahaha), I thought that I should post it here, too. (or, as I like to call it - DMMC).
Here it is looking more deli…