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challenge #146 - pea-nuckle/well

The challenge this week - Pea-nuckle and Well ................. together. I find Pea-nuckle frustrating enough on its own, let alone trying to make it work with Well. They do not play well together! At least not in my journal. So, I fell back on a favourite transitioning tangle - knyt - which works for me as a very structured, yet organic tangle allowing me to go from the more rigid Pea-nuckle to the more flowing Well (you can see the steps on how I draw Well like this here ) It doesn't feel all that exciting to me as I've done similar things before with different patterns, but at least I managed to get these two tangles to call a brief truce. I do like the mechanical feel of Pea-nuckle in this design - reminds me of a stretchy metal lattice thingy. Yeah, one of those. LOL. 2 weeks to go! I did my last Thursday classes today and have just two Tuesdays left. hx

strung out........

well over string-type drawings. Some stapled Quib: Yesterday I thought I would have a play with Michelle Beauchamp's lovely new pattern: mak-rah-mee  - but, I was upstairs and forgot to put the wireless on so couldn't check on my ipad how it was actually supposed to look, so I just winged it and ended up with this hot mess. LOL. So, today I put the wireless ON and had a quick play - some rough curves in this one, but fun to do. hx

Challenge #145 - Quib

This weeks Diva Challenge : Quib. I always struggle with patterns like this - as I find continuous patterns (i.e. ones that can go on in any direction forever) far easier to deal with - Quib, feels (to me!) more rigid without as much room for creative spin, maybe it's just my frame of mind this week as I'm sure others have managed to come up with incredible ways of using it. So, what to do? I could either use the pattern as inspiration and head in my own direction, or keep it as is and try and create a point of difference to make it mine - in the end I did both. This one is the closest to original, but instead of tucking the ends back into another "hole" they're capped with my favourite flower. And, some colour with the lines weaving a bit. Quib (sort of) is in the middle - I used my string drawing method , with stops and starts to get the strings going over and under each other. I also strengthened up the lines along one side to try and give it a bit m

New computer........less software.

My new computer......well, I'm loving it.......a little surprisingly. I was scared of windows 8 after what I'd been reading, but I do love a bit of a challenge and it's been fun learning how to navigate the new setup and nowhere near as overwhelming as I'd thought it would be. My only problem is some of my (very) old software will not work, so I am having to find ways to get around that. Now for the next few days I'll be trying to excavate all the documents and photos from the backup drive and the old computer. This time around I'm going for online backup! When I was playing with ideas for Cruze last week, I wanted to see what would happen if I altered the order of the connecting curved lines. Here's what happened: I like the turned effect of the edges. Have a great weekend! hx

challenge #143 - Cruze

Well, things have been pretty crazy around here.......for months, really. My computer went into fibrillation earlier on in the week and though we have been able to resuscitate it on and off (like now - let's hope I make it to the end of the post!!!), and the ipad is useless for blogger posts - I haven't found an app that allows me to do enough editing to the posts to make it look like I want, so the computer's the only option. A new computer is on it's way, though, I am scared of Windows 8, so I may be buried in the learning curve for a bit. So, the challenge - I hadn't had a chance to play with cruze and scribbled down some ideas earlier in the week, finally got a chance to finish off this piece today. My mini break for Melbourne Cup week is over and I have 5 weeks till the end of the term/end of my 2 year contract - I cannot wait! Hope you're all having a great weekend! hx