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Moleskine Doodle no. 12

This one has a bit of a genie in the bottle feel to me. You can find previous moleskine doodle posts here. hx

Tumbleweed PATTERN - grid version

A while back I did a post showing a technique using some dots - and it was dubbed "tumbleweed" by several readers (I had mentioned tumbleweeds in my post). So, since it's a great name that works with the pattern AND I'm a very lazy pattern-namer, I've just gone with it.

I played around recently with putting this pattern into a grid - the dots in the original were a device to help randomise the pattern so they're not needed in the grid version, but you could try it that way if it works better for you :)

It's got a bit of a curvy "Steps" feel without the central line.

Three little rules

For this drawing I just started in the middle of the page, and gave myself 3 rules to follow to keep me focussed and give the design some consistency (in a random kind of way):

- each "flower" shape would have four petals
- each "petal" would have seven lines
- each "petal" would join up as part of another flower

I also have one rule for you - you are not allowed to check whether I stuck to the rules.....hahaha!

A few drawing acrobatics were required - a number of petals needed to stretch a long way to reach another flower. Half way through I decided I needed a shape to work to so that I would have some kind of end, it's a heart..........sort of.......with the rounded sides cut off by the edges of the paper (you will have to use your imagination). Here's the finished drawing:

And, just in case you're interested, how it looked before I decided to fill in all the gaps with black marker:
Which do you prefer? Me?...........I'…