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Heartswell VIDEO

One of my goals over the term break was to catch up with making videos for the patterns that I hadn't done one for yet - I managed to knock over a few which was great!

I do know that many of you prefer to hear me talking through the patterns on the videos, but as it ends up taking me 3 or 4 times longer to create and edit a video when I do it this way, I've had to go with my non-talking/soundtrack versions this time around :)

You can see the pattern step out and samples of Heartswell here.  It can be drawn on a line grid or freehand and this video shows both of these methods. It's like a reverse Heartstrings.

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Hope you have fun with this one. Have a great day! hx

Ellish & Ollie

Lots of news in this post..........firstly:

It seems like it's been ages since I've played with tangle pattern that just caught my eye. I'm glad Ellish did on this occasion - it's a lot of fun to draw with - very sinuous and pretty, what's not to love?

I'd like to experiment with it more.
And now for something a little different - I thought I'd share a drawing from one of my final Illustration assignments last term - we had to create a steampunk character, so here's my favourite guy, Ollie, steampunk-ed up :) He is done entirely with grey lead pencil. In some other fun news, I have begun work on a new e-book. This one will be a little slower going with my school load, but I currently devote Wednesday's and whatever other time I can during the week to it. It's shaping up well and I'm excited. I'll give out more info on it when I've got a bit more under my belt.
Around home the countdown continues for Miss Jersey's new calf and Joh…

Double 8's PATTERN

I've had a wonderful time during the term break - I've been getting lots of drawing done and have a bit of a stockpile of fun things to share with you over the next term :)

I'm back at school again from next Monday, 4 days a week! I'm equal parts excited and dreading the amount of time I'll have to spend studying.

A while back I posted a pattern 2/8's - this week I've been revisiting the concept and have developed a couple of spin off patterns.

Here's one of them: Double 8's:
And, just for fun - here they are as individual "off grid" flowers: And with some colour for a change :) Around the farm not much is happening - we're in the middle of Winter, it's cold but not too bad. We haven't had any frozen pipes or much snow on the nearby mountains. Still the wood heater is running 24/7 :) Our two mama sheep have given birth to their lambs - they're healthy and adorable! I love seeing them run around the paddock. Miss Jersey is a…

Morning Glory Remix

Hello everyone! I have missed you all whilst I've been buckling down and getting all my final assignments done.

Right now I am on mid year break - the ideas are flowing and I am drawing like mad before I head back to school to start on the Diploma next term.

This morning I dropped by to check out the diva challenge. Though I didn't want to add to any drawings (I like keeping them as is as a record of my progression), I really liked the idea of reworking something that I had previously done, so I went back............way back to the very first tangling journal I started in 2012. Back then I didn't bother dating my drawings, but the binder of the journal has 6/2012 on it, so it happened sometime around them. Here it is:

This was the first foray into my drawing obsession with morning glories. What I found interesting was how early on I started playing with strings and scrolls. You can see I'm still finding my style here - there's an element of white space - my current…