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Double 8's PATTERN

I've had a wonderful time during the term break - I've been getting lots of drawing done and have a bit of a stockpile of fun things to share with you over the next term :)

I'm back at school again from next Monday, 4 days a week! I'm equal parts excited and dreading the amount of time I'll have to spend studying.

A while back I posted a pattern 2/8's - this week I've been revisiting the concept and have developed a couple of spin off patterns.

Here's one of them: Double 8's:
And, just for fun - here they are as individual "off grid" flowers:
And with some colour for a change :)
Around the farm not much is happening - we're in the middle of Winter, it's cold but not too bad. We haven't had any frozen pipes or much snow on the nearby mountains. Still the wood heater is running 24/7 :) Our two mama sheep have given birth to their lambs - they're healthy and adorable! I love seeing them run around the paddock. Miss Jersey is also due to calf in another 6ish weeks - I can't wait, I'm missing having all that fresh milk and cream.

Hope your weekend is amazing!