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Steps PATTERN - Variations

Here are a few more ideas for changing up the  STEPS pattern that I posted yesterday I know, I know, it's a confusing name.....but when a pattern name (or book title) feels right I am compelled to go with it - I am helpless to resist the pull of my compulsive nature. 1. Start with a curved line  (I love how simply beginning with a curved line dictates that the curves follow through the whole design and create a more organic, flowing feel). 2. Use "S" shapes to fill in design (a much more organic version) 3. Additional ideas and tips (yep, the stuff that just doesn't fit anywhere else) Hope your weekend is fabulous! hx

Challenge #186 and STEPS pattern

I have so many scribbled on pieces of paper scattered across my desk right now - pattern ideas, drawing ideas.......things that have just popped into my head. Yep, it's a mess! I haven't had time to get up to my room and draw, because, you IS Spring and there's gardening to be done, a lamb who thinks I'm his mother and does not want to be weaned (though I do have him down to one feed a day), running my daughter around, catching up with my other kids......oh.....and having coffee with the first CZT I have met in real life! Exciting! Yesterday I met up with the lovely Jenny Farrell for a coffee at beautiful Karunga Native Nursery (well worth a visit if you're in Melbourne and love Australian native plants). So, onto this week's diva challenge ..........I wanted to go with the colour option and for some reason I was determined to do a string themed thing and it just wasn't working out.......after 2 aborted attempts, I scrabbled through som