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Challenge #186 and STEPS pattern

I have so many scribbled on pieces of paper scattered across my desk right now - pattern ideas, drawing ideas.......things that have just popped into my head. Yep, it's a mess!

I haven't had time to get up to my room and draw, because, you IS Spring and there's gardening to be done, a lamb who thinks I'm his mother and does not want to be weaned (though I do have him down to one feed a day), running my daughter around, catching up with my other kids......oh.....and having coffee with the first CZT I have met in real life! Exciting! Yesterday I met up with the lovely Jenny Farrell for a coffee at beautiful Karunga Native Nursery (well worth a visit if you're in Melbourne and love Australian native plants).

So, onto this week's diva challenge..........I wanted to go with the colour option and for some reason I was determined to do a string themed thing and it just wasn't working out.......after 2 aborted attempts, I scrabbled through some of the papers on my desk for some inspiration - here's the result:
I don't usually include a whole lot of colour in my drawings, so it was a challenge........and some of the blending could have been better, but, I think if you stand far enough back from the's o.k. :) and, I like the way it works with the transitioning colours.

This pattern is a similar concept to this idea using dots that I posted a couple of months ago, but I use lines for the base framework instead of dots.

It makes me think of a spiral staircase, so I'm just dubbing it "steps".
I've got a few variations on the theme that I'll try to get up over the next few days. Have a great weekend! Mine is going to be a full on gardening-fest!