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Design Evolution: Taiga to Trees

I've had a productive week - probably because the weather is so cold and I don't want to venture very far from the heater.
This week I experimented with the Taiga tangle by Tomas Padros - the basic pattern looks a bit like trees and my final drawing embraced that idea.
Taiga Trees - digital drawing (procreate): I thought I'd show you some scans from my sketch journal showing the Design Evolution from pattern to final drawing. I start by familiarising myself with the basic pattern and then played around with a few ideas. Sometimes this process goes nowhere except for learning how to draw the pattern, other times a design idea emerges. 
Though these sketches devolve through the process rather than become more refined, for me it's more about following threads and developing ideas for a final drawing. The end result is an amalgamation of the ideas from last 2 sketches and then, of course, the drawing evolves a little more as I'm actually creating it. Have a great day! …

All Stars and Ellipse Tangle Pattern experimentation

Hello all! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! A couple of interesting patterns came up in my FB feed this week - All Stars and Ellipse - a lot of fun and you should definitely track them down and have a go! Here are my results:
All Stars, by Tomas Padros. Digital (procreate) on a wonky grid.  Ellipse, by Hennie Brouwer. Hand-drawn on a square tile using a wonky grid.  I scanned it before I added some black fill just in case I didn't like it! What do you prefer? I like the basic shaded version.

I took a fair bit of liberty with the steps and process and mostly went my own way. I have never liked drawing starting "seeds" - it never works out well for me :(
I love experimenting with patterns that overlap to create another shape ("seeds" in these examples) and some that come to mind are MI2, 8's Parte Dos, Knyt, Way Knot, etc, etc. This post prompted me to take a look back at some of my earlier drawings.
A real oldie here - MI2 on a sphere from 2012 - I thi…

Procreate Artwork to Digital Tangle Journal: VIDEO

After sharing my String Gourd with Peas drawing earlier in the week, I had some requests for a video on how to add artwork from Procreate to the Digital Tangle Journal.
It's very easy - I use a basic copy/paste method as illustrated in this video:

(if you are reading this post via email depending on your settings you may need to visit A Little Lime to watch the video).
You can also export images to files, email, etc., depending on what you want do do with the final image, but for adding artwork quickly to my journal this is the method find most efficient.
Have a great day! hx

String Gourd with Peas

Sounds like something for dinner doesn't it? This was drawn on Procreate. I started with a string framework to create the gourd shape, coloured with my fave colour (green in case you are wondering :) and then filled and added some "peas". It's now sitting happily in my Digital Tangle Journal with a few notes on brushes, etc. I love having a place to store my digital drawings as a group rather than random files on my computer or ipad.
Hope you're having a great week! hx


Before John broke his leg last year and everything was put on hold, I was working on a pattern experimentation tool. I've finally been able to get back into it and found some patterns I'd already had a play with. Here is one of them: Depending on shading or detail, two different "flower" shapes that can be emphasised in this pattern. Here are some fill ideas.  On a wonky grid with a bit of randomising thrown in. It's a very simple pattern with floral elements - always one of my fave themes.
Have a great day! hx