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I'm very excited to announce my new Tangle Journals are available for sale, you can find all the details including video tours and bonus sticker info below. Before purchase, please read and view all of the information so that you can make an informed decision. DIGITAL TANGLE JOURNAL PDF File including clickable links to help navigate through the journal.Customisable with page spreads that can be duplicated and inserted throughout the journal as needed.Use with PDF annotation apps (not included). I suggest: Goodnotes for IOS and Xodo for Android to maintain link navigation.Includes bonus Daisy and Grid stickers sets (google drive links in download email)NOTE: This is a digital product not intended for printing - no physical item will be sent to you.
Introductory Price: US$10.00
DIGITAL A-Z JOURNAL PDF File including clickable links to help navigate through the journal.Customisable with page spreads that can be duplicated and inserted throughout the journal as needed.Use with PDF annota…

What is a Digital Tangle Journal?

My Digital Tangle Journals will be going up for sale tomorow!! I'm excited! Since I introduced the project on the blog a couple of weeks ago, I've had a lot of questions - particularly "What is a Digitial Tangle Journal?" and "How do you use them?" So....
I have always drawn in Journals, I love that they record my progression. They show the successes and failures and are a great source of new ideas or inspiration when I look through them. It's a chronological treasure trove stored in a convenient package on my bookshelf. I also love my pattern reference of 2" swatches stored in a binder. These tools are the backbone of my drawing workflow and organisation.

So, why digital drawing? I experimented on my iPad a few years ago and it really wasn't for me - I didn't have the fine control that I like in my drawings so that was that...until early this year when a shoulder injury severely limited the amount of time I could sit at my desk drawing and…

Oh, the stupidity........

Well.........! You may have noticed that instead of images in blog posts there is a lot of this on the website right now:

Yes, hmmmm........ that's because someone incredibly stupid (I'm not going to name names, but yeah, it was me!) deleted the google blogger album online. I have searched everywhere, gotten online chat help from google, and as it was not in photos, but instead was located in the album archives it does not seem to be recoverable. So, yeah, 1000's of images and 6 years of uploads. Urrgh. 
Really, after the initial freak-out, I just have to laugh at my own stupidity. What else can I do?
I do have all of the images on my computer and in back-up copies, but it will be a process of re-uploading everything to the web/blogger, so it is going to take a little bit of time. I have decided to just look at it as an opportunity for reorganisation of my filing system. Yeah, because I have all the time in the world for that.........hahaha......
Now, for some happier new…

Trumpets - Tangle PATTERN

I seem to have a thing for diamond shapes in patterns of late. Here is another one which I've dubbed TRUMPETS: You could stop at any point from step 4 on this one. I really like the way that, depending on where you focus, a different set of trumpet "flowers" come forward/go back in the design (look at step 8 and step 9). I've deliberately put dots in the centre of only one set to enhance this effect.
I can't resist giving a pattern a go on a wonky grid to do a 'quality check for versatility' - here's a quick sketch done up to step 6. When I was moving the cows on Friday from the Creek paddock to the Daffodil paddock, I couldn't resist picking some flowers for the house. This paddock of daffodils was one of the lovely surprises that you discover after you buy a property, that first Winter they just started appearing. The paddock had been leased to grow daffodils many, many years ago. We moved a lot of different varieties up to the house gardens be…

Zentangle Tile Catch Up

Thanks everyone for the lovely, positive comments and messages I've received on my new project, I'm definitely excited to be doing something new! I've also had a few messages asking for more info, please be assured that when the journals go up for sale I will include all the details to help you decide whether or not it will be useful to you.
I know that many of you are not on Facebook, so today I'm sharing some recent Zentangle tiles I drew for the Square One weekly focus:
My plans for this week were to get right onto my help videos for the digital journal but John, of course, had other plans and took the week off work and we have been fencing all day, every day. 
Right now we have two very naughty heifers around 13 months old that keep pushing through the electric fences. Mostly they are looking for the bull. We have a secure "Chastity Paddock" but to keep up with their regular weekly rotation onto fresh grass we needed to re-fence t…

Sneak peek at something new........COMING SOON!

I am excited to share some news with you - very soon I'm going to have two digital journals available for sale on A Little Lime.
I've been working on this project on and off for some time, not only creating the customisable journals to sell, but also experimenting and drawing in my own digital journals. It's been fun.
The journals have actually been ready for a while now but for some reason I succumbed to a bit of self-doubt. This is so different from what I've done before. Was it right? Would people like it? etc. etc. Meh. I can't believe that I allowed myself to be stalled by this because that is just really not me. Well, whatever the reason, I'm over it.
You know what I find so exciting in life? It is learning. I want to be challenged. I thrive on trying new things and moving in new directions. This keeps my interest, and the ideas and artwork fresh. I stay excited about creating and sharing the results because it is an ongoing adventure. Life is too short …

Crumpled Roses - VIDEO

A little over a year ago when I was stuck on a "C" pattern for my A-Z journal, I created Crumpled Roses (see the original post here) - at the time I had a lot going on so I just made a little instagram video to illustrate how to draw these roses. I've always intended to put together a full version one day so that I could share it on Youtube, too. Well, today is that day :)
So, here you go.....Crumpled Roses.......please overlook my voice - I am struggling with getting asthma under control right now, (probably due to the change in seasons).

I had a few emails from people who could not see the previous videos in their email feed - I have no idea why that happens as I don't do anything different at this end - something to do with Feedburner, I guess, so...........if you cannot view this video, please click here to view the post on the website.
Have a great day!

Queen B and Warre Tangle Pattern VIDEOS

Hi all! Hope you are having a fabulous day wherever you are. We have had a glorious start to Spring here on the farm. The sun is shining, the grass is growing. This week I started the seeds for the veggie garden in the greenhouse and began getting the bee garden into shape ( is still pretty cold outside!) We're already thinking about summer veggies and hay - I love the change in seasons!
Hope you enjoy these videos:

Have a great day!