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Trumpets - Tangle PATTERN

I seem to have a thing for diamond shapes in patterns of late. Here is another one which I've dubbed TRUMPETS:
You could stop at any point from step 4 on this one. I really like the way that, depending on where you focus, a different set of trumpet "flowers" come forward/go back in the design (look at step 8 and step 9). I've deliberately put dots in the centre of only one set to enhance this effect.

I can't resist giving a pattern a go on a wonky grid to do a 'quality check for versatility' - here's a quick sketch done up to step 6.
When I was moving the cows on Friday from the Creek paddock to the Daffodil paddock, I couldn't resist picking some flowers for the house. This paddock of daffodils was one of the lovely surprises that you discover after you buy a property, that first Winter they just started appearing. The paddock had been leased to grow daffodils many, many years ago. We moved a lot of different varieties up to the house gardens before John levelled the paddock a few years ago, but baby bulbs get left behind and they still keep coming up. 

Right now there are 100's of these Thalia daffodils in flower, they have a lovely subtle scent and I have filled jars of them all over the house.

Here's a picture from a long time ago, that sweet little girl is my youngest who turns 21 in a few months! Oh, how time flies by.

Have a great day!


  1. This looks fun. Thanks for including the story about the daffodils and the photo of your youngest. The biggest disappointment in life (for me) is that I didn't realize how precious things were until they were long passed.

  2. I like the look of Trumpets a lot. Looks like it would work well large or small and lots of places to darken or colour certain sections. It reminds me of cut crystal wine glasses!

    I love reading about life on the farm too - from endless fencing to infinite daffodils!

    1. Thanks! I almost called it some kind of variation on diamonds for that reason!! hx

  3. Thanks Denise, I hope you have fun with it.

    I think everyone has regrets about not appreciating the precious moments in their life when they were happening. I also wish I had stopped to do so more often, but with three kids, at times it was hard enough for me to just keep my head above water. Life was pretty chaotic most of the time.


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