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Trumpets - Tangle PATTERN

I seem to have a thing for diamond shapes in patterns of late. Here is another one which I've dubbed TRUMPETS:
You could stop at any point from step 4 on this one. I really like the way that, depending on where you focus, a different set of trumpet "flowers" come forward/go back in the design (look at step 8 and step 9). I've deliberately put dots in the centre of only one set to enhance this effect.

I can't resist giving a pattern a go on a wonky grid to do a 'quality check for versatility' - here's a quick sketch done up to step 6.
When I was moving the cows on Friday from the Creek paddock to the Daffodil paddock, I couldn't resist picking some flowers for the house. This paddock of daffodils was one of the lovely surprises that you discover after you buy a property, that first Winter they just started appearing. The paddock had been leased to grow daffodils many, many years ago. We moved a lot of different varieties up to the house gardens before John levelled the paddock a few years ago, but baby bulbs get left behind and they still keep coming up. 

Right now there are 100's of these Thalia daffodils in flower, they have a lovely subtle scent and I have filled jars of them all over the house.

Here's a picture from a long time ago, that sweet little girl is my youngest who turns 21 in a few months! Oh, how time flies by.

Have a great day!