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Moleskine Doodle no.11

Along with working in my pattern journal I have had a renewed interest in doodling in my small Moleskine journals. It's nice to be able to just switch off my brain and let the drawing develop organically. I stick with pen work, no pencil or marker shading. My mantra when doodling like this is "halo and fill".

I've decided to number these drawings, following on from the 9 that I did in 2013 for the Monday Moleskine challenge that I set myself. Too hard to try and think of new names for them, so numbers it is.

Want to see more? You can see all the previous Moleskine posts here.


Trying something new

I've always used journals for my drawings - I love the way I can view my drawing progress and obsessions in chronological order. What I don't love is how difficult they are to scan - and since I scan a lot of my drawings this can be a real hassle - the lid normally has to come off the scanner and the journal weighted down and don't get me started about working around the spine! I also have issues with marker bleed through the paper and the general clunkiness of working in a book.

So, for me, negatives were beginning to outweigh the positives. The solution? I bought a packet of Quill Board (100 x A4) - it is a 200gsm paper, clean white with a very smooth surface.

I am loving it! As I finish my drawings I just date them and put them in a manilla folder. I figure that I'll just bind them when I've accumulated enough pages. Scanning is easy. So far it is looking like a great alternative.

Onto today's drawing: Wheat Ribbons - this is the piece I sketched out when wo…

Just begin

Ever have those days where you want to draw, but you're not really feeling all that inspired? 
I either have a million and one ideas that are desperately trying to burst out of my head and I can't get them down on paper fast enough - or I have nothing.
Today was one of those days - the blank piece of paper was staring back at me mockingly (cheeky thing!) so I decided to just begin with a circle.......which evolved into a sunflower........which is now unrecognisable as I just kept adding detail and pattern. 
I'm happy enough with the result and the side benefit is that whilst drawing this my inspiration switch flicked to the "on" position and I sketched out my next project in between filling in the black areas on the sunflower design. It is surprising how often this will happen. I'm a big believer in the more creative you are, the more creative you become - sometimes you just need to give yourself a push to just begin. Draw something......anything......then t…


I've been in the process for ages of curating, and redrawing my pattern reference folder - it's something I do on and off  when I'm in the mood (more off than on - I'm only up to the D's). I initially drew out patterns that I liked quickly and in basic format, now I'm going back and being a bit more adventurous with them, randomising, adding shading, etc, etc. It's a great way to revisit ones I have forgotten, put my brain in neutral, and get the odd idea, too.

When drawing out Dawn's lovely pattern Blossom - the zig zag grid got me thinking, the end result was this pattern: I had some fun experimenting with the fill options:

If filling with black as above, you could ditch the initial horizontal lines and just do rows of zig zags.

Alternative approach

In my previous post I showed a page from my Pattern Journal in which I drew the pattern 63Y by Hsin-Ya Hsu  using an alternative approach.

I've had a few requests asking to show how I did it. Here are the steps I used to create the base framework.

Steps 1 & 2 are the same, instead of doing the Y shapes in step 3, I draw a vertical line in the centre of each diamond shape then connect with another zig zag line. 
I find doing it this way makes it easier to randomise, too.
Hope that helps :) hx

More Pattern Journal

Lately I've had a renewed interest in working in my Pattern Journal - this is a small book (A5) in which I play around with a single pattern, click here if you want to see previous Pattern Journal posts.

Breaking down patterns is something that I love to do. I am fascinated by their construction and love to see the steps that have been used to get the end result. I admit though (as our minds all work so differently and what seems logical and easy to you may not to me), that sometimes I can find that the steps seem a little complicated and I'll try and find a simplified way to recreate the pattern.

63Y is a good example of this. I loved the "floral" version of this pattern and set about replicating it. I soon found the process of putting little "Y" shapes in each of the triangles and hoping the pattern would line up doing my head in, so I found an alternative method to create the base structure.

Here's the finished page from my pattern journal:

I really l…

A Fresh New Year

A new year! Don't you love it? It feels like a clean slate, a beginning - I always feel motivated to make big plans and get things done. Yes, lots of things. I also feel compelled to begin an Art Journal every year, but that only lasts about 2 days. LOL.

This year I want to focus on:

My Cutting Garden (which is looking fabulous, I must say, but I want to expand it so, so much!)Creating a large Bee/Herb garden near the house (this was going to be the dedicated potager, but I've revised my plans - this will be a very long term project).We've also got lots of fencing/shedding/home improvement plans on the go this year and just got our solar hot water installed a few weeks ago. Love it! SELF IMPROVEMENT
Getting my Diploma of Permaculture sorted (I completed the certificate, but ran out of time/motivation to get the Diploma done last year).Do a photography course (I can muddle through o.k. with my camera and take a lot of good photos, but I'd like to understand mor…