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Heartfully - PATTERN

We are having an absolute scorcher here in Hoddles Creek today - it has almost reached the high of 40degC as I sit here composing this post. Fortunately it takes a few continuous days of heat for our old farmhouse to become really hot - unfortunately, the next 7 days are forecast to be really hot. Ah, well, at least I have kicking back to read a book scheduled into my calendar for the rest of the afternoon. Here is today's pattern: Heartfully. Yep, it's full of hearts. Don't hurt me because I'm no good at the whole "naming the pattern thing". There's only so many directions that you can go using hearts in patterns and I think I've almost run my idea well dry.........though, I might have one more to put out there. Along with updating the gallery, pattern and video sections of the's on my to do list. I'll have to see how I cope with the heat this week as to what gets done. So, Heartfully. The first version I played with has cur