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Paisley Bouquet

I was playing around with some paisley designs recently for a project and it reminded me that I hadn't done anything "paisley" for quite some time. They are such a fun design element to draw.

I had a look over my sketches and found the inspiration for this paisley bouquet.

It is finally raining here (55mm so far when I checked a few hours ago). Rain is still desperately needed whilst the weather is warm enough to grow some grass - but the timing could have been better for us as we have a permaculture group coming to do a site visit on our property tomorrow. Ah well, I'll still take the rain anytime we can get it right now.
Have an amazing weekend! hx

Leaf swirl

Getting any drawing done at the moment is difficult - school and travel to and from consumes a lot of time. I have also been on a very steep learning curve trying to get up to speed with Illustrator - a program I've never used before this year. Being the obsessive compulsive that I am, and because I hate not knowing how to do stuff, I've been cramming - doing lots of tutorials and practice, practice, practice - I'm pretty happy with how I'm progressing and I absolutely love, love working with it! Between you and me, I may be an Illustrator stalker. Just sayin'.

This drawing "Leaf Swirl" has been sitting, almost finished, on my desk for about 2 weeks. I finally got around to getting the shading and finishing touches done over the last couple of days.

It started as a quick doodle of the central leaves all "spinning out" from the circle in the middle and built from there. Happy with it :)

Have an amazing weekend! hx


A while ago I was playing around with Beth Snoderly's pattern Plop - lots of fun.
In my play I kept going back to a more minimalist floral design with no diagonal line. Using the dots on the grid really helps to keep track of where you are in the pattern as these provide a centre point for the flowers.  I approach it by drawing it in alternating blocks as shown below and ended up with a Plop Flower = Plower. On a wonky grid..... Interested in the experimentation process I use when playing with patterns? Check out my e-book Tangle Transformation.
Have a great day! hx