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Spiral Rose - PATTERN & VIDEO

I know I've been promising the step-outs for Spiral Rose for a while, but I've been......ah..........distracted. The pitfalls of a short attention span. hahaha Today  finally, I have it ready to share with you, and in case you are scratching your head and are all like....."huh, spiral what?"......... Here's the step-out: I think these rose patterns have been a bit of a flash back to 90's folk art painting. Pretty sure I'm done now. Here's the video: As a rare treat (in which you may read "treat" to actually mean "cruel and unusual punishment"), I am subjecting you to some narration in this video. It's been a few years since I've talked in a video as I really hate my voice - I pretty much "broke" it 10 years ago when I had whooping cough and after months of intense nightly coughing I damaged my voice permanently, practically losing it for a year. It's never been the same since. Thou