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A-Z Journal - G is for Gotcha

Onwards with my very, very slow progress through my A-Z journal. I'm up to G and have used the pattern Gotcha by Karin Godyns for inspiration today. Yep, I know you're going to take one look at my design and think that it looks nothing like the original pattern, and you're right! But, what I really love about playing with patterns is seeing where they take me. If you've followed along here for a while, you'll know I'm a big fan of "what if?"

When experimenting with Gotcha I really liked how the drawing order made sections of the pattern appear to be in front of the others like a weave. I started to wonder....... What if I curved the strokes in to the centre?What if I worked on a wonky grid?What if the back strokes followed along the lines in order to reinforce them and create more depth?What if I alternated the direction of the starting strokes in each grid square? What I like about my results.........the whirling appearance - no "petal" app…

Spiral Rose - PATTERN & VIDEO

I know I've been promising the step-outs for Spiral Rose for a while, but I've been......ah..........distracted. The pitfalls of a short attention span. hahaha
Today finally, I have it ready to share with you, and in case you are scratching your head and are all like....."huh, spiral what?"......... Here's the step-out: I think these rose patterns have been a bit of a flash back to 90's folk art painting. Pretty sure I'm done now.
Here's the video:

As a rare treat (in which you may read "treat" to actually mean "cruel and unusual punishment"), I am subjecting you to some narration in this video. It's been a few years since I've talked in a video as I really hate my voice - I pretty much "broke" it 10 years ago when I had whooping cough and after months of intense nightly coughing I damaged my voice permanently, practically losing it for a year. It's never been the same since. Though, to be fair, it was pretty…


Firstly, thank you for the amazing response to the release of my new 2017 Pattern Folio and the Valentine's Day giveaway - it was wonderful to hear from so many of you and get your feedback. I have more on this and some questions for you at the bottom of this post, so I hope you will take the time to have a read through and let me know your thoughts as this info helps me with future ideas and the direction that I go with A Little Lime.
Firstly, though, some fun stuff. I often work on little projects that I don't feel warrant a blog post but still end up on my Facebook Page (click that link if you'd like to connect with me there), so I thought I'd share some of what I've been doing of late.
This zentangle tile was created for a challenge using Buckled Up, a pattern by Tomas Padros and also features Spiral Roses which I am in the process of creating a step-out and video for.

I don't do a lot of Zentangle tiles as I struggle with the size, but I had a lot of fun …

2017 PATTERN FOLIO - Available Now!

The 2017 Pattern Folio is now available! only US$4.00 PAYMENTS CAN BE MADE USING PAYPAL ACCOUNT, OR CREDIT CARD Inside you will find:  61 pages of patterns published on the blog from 2012-2017 interactive pattern index  53 pattern step outs video links tips and drawing inspiration Purchase the 2017 Pattern Folio by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button above - this will open up the shopping cart, select "Check out with Paypal" - you will then have the option of paying with either a Paypal Account, or credit card.
Special Offer  - purchase 2 or more of my e-book titles  and I will send you the 2017 Pattern Folio for free. Please forward your transaction receipt to me and I will email the Pattern Folio to you. **Please note: only valid for transactions processed after 15th February, 2018**
Have a great day!

Happy Valentines Day!!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY my lovely, lovely people. Today I want to share a bit of love with you all, but first, I'm do you all feel about being guinea pigs to my evil genius-ness??? I promise it won't hurt........much.........
This week I finished the dreaded task of proofing the 2017 Pattern Folio, and as many of you know, up until 2016 this e-book was an annual giveaway for email subscribers. This is something I loved, loved doing but it had become a bit of a nightmare as I was paying for a mail delivery service that was, well, not delivering a sizeable portion of the mail due to spam filters, etc. It basically had turned from something fun and exciting to a huge headache! So, last year with a lot of stuff on my plate, I decided to opt out of the process and make the book available for sale.
This year I want to try something that may be a stroke of brilliance or a complete and utter be honest, I'm a little bit terrified! Here's the…

Mini e-books for sale!

Hello, all! For a short time I am making my mini e-book collection available for purchase.
These e-books were initially created as a limited edition release for email subscribers only and I've had many requests over the past few years from people wanting to buy them outright. So for a very, very limited time, I am offering Compass Daisies, Three Little Rules and the Aquafleur Rose mini e-books for purchase.  They will only be available until the 2017 Pattern Folio is ready to go, maybe one or two weeks, so if you want them please grab them now.
The price for each book will be US$4.00.
Please note before purchase: these mini e-books were produced as a free subscriber item, and as such do not have the same detail or volume of information as my full-length publications. They focus on one design/technique/pattern. As my shopping cart service allows me to upload larger files, though, you will receive a higher resolution version than was sent out to subscribers.
You can read what people t…

Revisiting Narwal Tangle Pattern

A post on the Zentangle All Around FB group linked up to one of my old videos (thanks, Alice!) demonstrating how I draw Narwal, which is a tangle pattern by Sam Taylor. I haven't played with this pattern since creating the video in 2015, so I followed the link and watched it (so funny seeing myself draw in  old videos!) Anyway, this ignited my interest in giving this pattern another go (find links to video, pattern, etc. at the bottom of this post).
I find that Narwal, though it looks amazing, particularly when shaded or coloured, is a little limiting for me - it ends up much the same shape every time I draw it and I haven't found a way to really transform it @ my usual modus operandi. So, rather than draw it as I have before I thought about what I could do differently and decided on a "narwal within narwal" effect. 
Here's what I came up with, and though it hasn't changed it up that much, it's a bit of a different take and I like it :) You may not know …