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A few more stamp images

Some stamp images from back in the day when I did stamp designing. These are a couple of the "rejects" that were not picked up for the catalogue at the time. Both were inspired by drawings I had done for the blog.

Tulip stamp image:
The drawing from the blog that inspired it:
Gum leaf wreath stamp image: Image from the blog that inspired it:
Seeing these gum leaf images makes me realise how long it is since I've drawn some. I absolutely love drawing gum leaves and flowers so I'm putting it on my to do list now!
Have a great weekend! hx

Challenge #280 - Olympics

This week's Diva Challenge theme was to be inspired by the Olympics.

As soon as I saw the challenge and thought about the rings, in my head I saw them all bunched up and squishy looking - that idea evolved to this:
Please don't ask me to explain it........hahaha. I probably needed to think about it a bit more :)  I would have liked to avoid colouring the black blob in, but not really an option with the challenge theme.

I don't know how long it's been since I've done two posts in one day, but sometimes girls just gotta draw, right?

In the midst of drawing this challenge piece I almost had a meltdown when I tried to open my book file to add some edits and it was corrupted. Now, I'm a compulsive file saver, so luckily after downloading my desktop publishing program on the Windows computer downstairs, running up and down between computers for about 2 hours trying to un-corrupt the file, I managed to find an up-to-date version in the trash. Yay! Much relief and rejo…


A quick one today - playing around with an idea. I had no clue what to name these drawings, so I just went with blobbers. This may be a reflection on how I feel after sitting in front of the computer for a big chunk of my time over the past three days.

The good news? I think I'm about 3/4 done with the new book and now just have to make the final push. John is away for the next 2 days so I should be able to get a lot done. I'm really, really hoping to get this first draft stage completed before I start back to classes next week so that I can work on the edits progressively and have it ready for release on my next term break. We'll see.

Back to the drawings:

You know how some things don't really come out like you imagine in your head? These drawings are one of those things. I don't love them and I don't hate them either. Though, they do creep me out a bit - they make me think of fingers with long fingernails trying to reach out. haha. particularly in the first o…

Tangents and Tigers

Alright, let me clear this up right away - there are no tigers in this's 10am in the morning, I'm still tired and, well, I just like alliterations :) Yes, I realise I probably need more coffee before I start sending stuff out to the goes anyway.

It's been a while since you've seen a mid-week post from me.....I know!!!.........I'm excited, too! I have an unexpected week off from school - first round of assessments are done, I went for my interview yesterday and I'm all up to date, so I don't have to go back until we start on assessment 2 projects next Monday. I am officially 1/6 of the way through the Diploma! Yay for me :)

I told myself I would dedicate this week to getting the bulk of my current book written and I will, I will, but I couldn't help doing a little diversion drawing before I got started. I've dashed this out, the shading is a bit questionable and the centre should be white.....but here it …

Double 8's PATTERN - variation

Still having fun playing with this pattern :)
Variation idea for Double 8's which I shared a few weeks ago.
For this first variation, leave space between the 8's to create an even flower grid, in the second sample add connecting strokes.
Here's a freehand example of version 2: I think it's pretty cute. Like a flower ribbon :)
Have a great weekend! hx

Looking back!

I've mentioned a few times on this blog how much I love drawing in journals - this is mostly because it gives me a chronological visual representation of how I've developed.

A few weeks ago I was looking back through my old journals and thinking about the beginnings of my current drawing journey. It's so interesting to be able to see whatever my obsession of the moment was - I tend to do something over and over until I'm sick to death of it. Some obsessions though, like string, still make frequent appearances.

One thing that definitely stood out in my journals was all the florals - these have been a favourite topic of mine since I first picked up a paintbrush over 20 years ago and since discovering tangles, I've been finding ways to work with them together.

With all these nostalgic feels happening I thought it would be fun to take a look back through some of my florals from the last few years.

Back in 2012 I used more colour and more pattern - I was trying to f…