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I've been in the process for ages of curating, and redrawing my pattern reference folder - it's something I do on and off  when I'm in the mood (more off than on - I'm only up to the D's). I initially drew out patterns that I liked quickly and in basic format, now I'm going back and being a bit more adventurous with them, randomising, adding shading, etc, etc. It's a great way to revisit ones I have forgotten, put my brain in neutral, and get the odd idea, too.

When drawing out Dawn's lovely pattern Blossom - the zig zag grid got me thinking, the end result was this pattern:

Zag V Tangle Pattern

I had some fun experimenting with the fill options:

Zag V Tangle Pattern Sample

Zag V Tangle Pattern Sample

If filling with black as above, you could ditch the initial horizontal lines and just do rows of zig zags.

Zag V Tangle Pattern Variations



  1. Ooohh!! Nice pattern, I'll add it to my list of to do's.

  2. I just drew this pattern for the first time - I love it!! The options for variations are wonderful. I particularly like the shine in one of your fill options. So simple yet so effective! Thanks for this one, Helen. 😃


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