Heart Offset PATTERN

Hearts have been a pretty frequent theme on the blog over the past few years (see all the heart posts here) - there's just something wonderful about the shape. Love, love. During February I try to come up with one or two new patterns featuring hearts, but I have to admit it is getting harder to do - there's only so many approaches you can take with this basic shape.

This year's offering isn't particularly ground-breaking and has a similar base to Heartstrings. Half of the heart is drawn continuously along one side of the line (this is how I draw Heartstrings - you can see a demo in this video), then the second half is drawn offset on the other side of the line. This pattern really comes into it's own when alternately coloured - an interesting zig-zag pattern appears.

Here's the step out:

A red and black sample on some wonky lines.

On the farm we've had some long awaited rain - 75mm last week! The paddocks are greening up and we're headed into a glorious week of late summer weather.

Wednesday also marked my youngest child's 18th birthday - she passed her licence, has her own car and is now able to get herself wherever she needs to go. After 26 years my servitude as the kids taxi driver is over. Freedom at last!

Have a good one!


  1. Helen-Thank you for sharing the steps! Love your work!

  2. You are so creative. Another heartfelt tangle

  3. You are so clever to think up these creations. I have trouble drawing hearts but I might be able to do this one because it is half hearts a shape I can draw.

  4. I like the variation. It looks great. I love all of your patterns but the heart patterns are my favorite!
    Barb B. CZT

  5. Love your work. More and more I find myself turning to your sinuous curves and drawing leaves and vines. Thank you for your videos and emails on line.

  6. I am going to use your design in my free motion quilting! It will work great!!

  7. Thanks Helen, you have such a delicate touch to your tangles. Have yet to see one that does not flow so smoothly and beautifully!

  8. This is truly gorgeous.Thank you so much for sharing...x

  9. Love your work, always beautiful. Flower bouquet arrangement of lines will be my next challenge. Thanks.


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