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Way Knot Tangle PATTERN

I came across the Zentangle pattern Way Bop back in February when it was mentioned on my Facebook page as a pattern that people were finding challenging.

I couldn't resist having a play with it and finding way of drawing it that worked for me, I also wanted to create a continuous pattern from the shape and after some experimentation and tweaking of the shape, "Way Knot" was the end result (named for the little "knots" that connect the shapes).

These step-outs and video were completed in February, but I forgot about them until I looked back through my journal this morning. Bonus! So here goes, the step-outs for Way Knot.

Part One: Individual pattern element up close.
Part Two: Build up individual elements and connect.
Part 3: Various fills change up the look.

This video demonstrates part one and two and also includes an alternative "bracket" method for drawing the base structure of the pattern which you may find easier, or just interesting to try out. I do love brackets!

Here it is on a wonky grid.
Have a great day!