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Queen B & Warre - Tangle PATTERNS

Here's a shock confession for you - I'm a chronic doodler. What can I say? Put a pen and paper in my hands and it just happens. My notebooks are peppered with patterns in between the more "serious" notes.

I was having a tidy up recently and discovered these doodles amongst the notes from a Natural Beekeeping workshop I took a few years ago. After breaking them down I thought they made good pattern candidates.

 So, here are Queen B and Warre:

A sample drawing created with Queen B:

Hope you have fun with them :)


  1. Helen, it is so good to see more of your patterns. I love both of these & will give them a try later today. Thank you for sharing with us.:)

    1. Thanks, LindyLu. I hope you have fun with them :) h

  2. You have a lot of doodles like Queen B. I laughed when I saw your sample, I thought of a shower curtain.
    Warre is a nice break from your usual curvy doodles, it's more like the way I doodle. When I watch your
    YouTube videos it's nice to see such smooth drawing control. There was once a video where your hand
    was not in the shot how did that work?

    1. Hi Linda,

      I do most of my videos like this now. They're created on my ipad and so much faster to put together as I know that the screen is recording exactly what I'm drawing, rather than going through the whole camera/lighting set up, transferring the footage to the computer and then finding out my hand was in the way the whole time!

  3. This is one of your videos that has only the line drawing (no hand showing):

  4. Hello Helen,

    Linked via Linda Farmer....These two Reticula Fragments are so Creative....Did you load these on to the Reticula and Fragments Facebook page ??? Bravo !!


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