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Ruffel Tangle Pattern

A week or so ago the  Square One Facebook group pattern focus was my pattern Steps (thrilling) - my experimentation took me in a bit of a different direction and I ended up with this tile:

I was asked to do a step-out showing how I did the tile above, but ended up getting distracted (as usual) with a spin-off idea and ended up with this which I like way better:

Here are the step-outs, it can also be done as a continuous pattern:
This pattern did not make it in time for the 2015 edition of the Pattern Folio which, by the way, will be going out in a few days, if you're not signed up please make sure to do it right away - you can read more about it here.

Note to email subscribers: you should have gotten an email today with a discount book offer. There's actually a couple of reasons for me sending this out:

1. I wanted to send it to you :)
2. The 2015 Pattern Folio will be going out in the next few days - if you did not receive today's email, please check your email settings and make sure that is on your safe senders list. I will not be resending emails that have been blocked by servers.
3. My email list has become very large and unwieldy. I'm sure that some people on it don't actually want the emails and have probably consigned me straight to the junk mail folder, so, by having a couple of mail-outs during December (the discount offer and the pattern folio in a few days), I'll be able to do some housekeeping on my list.

Hope your day is amazing!