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So, I've got all these pattern ideas on scraps of paper strewn around my desk - I've been avoiding them as I wasn't planning on posting any more this year as the 2014 Pattern Folio is completed, ready  to go and I'm not adding to it............but, I just couldn't help myself from playing with one, and then I loved it so much I wanted to post, here it is, an early 2015 pattern.

I've called it Sails. Now,  you may have guessed that I don't really think all that much about pattern names......pretty much the first thing that pops into my head when I get to that stage is "it". This pattern in it's basic format reminded me of windsurfer sails.

The basic pattern:
What I've found particularly fun about this one is the seemingly endless permutations using straight, curved or s strokes to form the grid, changing the direction of the curved fill strokes or shading choices - I could have done quite a few more, but decided to stop at 8 variations - I know I'll be back experimenting, though :)
This is an example of one of the variations (top row, 3rd along) - I love how it looks like a web, or if I wanted to, I could emphasis the flower shapes (filled in black), by putting in a white dot for the centre......hmmmm........may have to play with that idea next. Maybe using a bit of hot pink :)
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Have a wonderful weekend!