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goodbye G139

Curvy lines - what's not to love?

If I'm staring at a blank page with no idea of what I'm doing there, I'll just doodle a curving line - usually a loose "s" shape - to start me off.

Sometimes I like to be more deliberate and start with a sinuous line that creates a whole heap of stacked paisley shapes then see where they take me.

Some examples:

Here's a looser version:

Todays offering:
I haven't coloured anything for a while, so went with my fave combo of lime green/purple. I'm o.k. with it, I do love the way the centres look all connected (in some spots, anyway) and, well, all juicy :) I probably would've preferred a greyscale version, though.

For this design I used my favourite pale lime green marker - it was on its last legs - it took a lot of coaxing and we just barely managed to get through colouring this design, only for me to discover that G139 has been discontinued. What???? I now feel I should've, I don't know, maybe saved it for something special. It's definitely going to take some time for me to recover from the horror of no longer having this colour in my marker selection.

Let the weekend begin!