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possibly a little too much Pink Floyd

I have been listening to "The Wall" on almost constant repeat for about a week - Erin bought home a tape from a garage sale and as soon as she started playing it I remembered how much I used to love this album and headed straight to iTunes to download it. That was over a week ago and I have really immersed myself in it. Re-watched the movie and have been reading an in-depth analysis. Ah, such is the way of a compulsive person. Another week or so and it'll be out of my system.

Anyway, over the weekend I drew this - I started off thinking about the loopy paisley shapes of my last drawings, but wanted to play with weaving the lines in and out of each other:
So, then I shaded and added the straight detail lines. My husband took one look and said it looked like worms. Gross. So not the effect I was after, and, possibly the subliminal result of all that Pink Floyd. So, I added the random-ish checks which hopefully gives it the more loose, organic, non-worm appearance I was after.

Carrying on with the loopy's been a while since I've done a Diva Challenge and had hoped to get last weeks one done. Well, I didn't. But, I did play around with the concept and ended up with a pattern that I really like.

This started off as trying to fit Sandy Hunter's fabulous pattern, Cruffle (one of my absolute faves) into a square. It morphed a bit - love the effect that you get if you join up the loops (3&4) on each side of the "s" shaped line.

You can get some neat effects by the way you fill it, or if you switch the direction of the initial s shaped lines, too.
I haven't really kept up with any patterns for a while, so please let me know if I have osmosized someone else's design :)



  1. Did not and do not see worms....just beautiful!

  2. Love trying to follow the loops--so mesmerizing!! Love the new pattern too!

  3. I just imagined a roller coaster looking at your curvy and fab loops. What a great ride that would be. Your new pattern reminds me of bunzo stuffed in an S. Hmmm.... that could be another way to fill it.
    Very cool :)) Thanks Helen.

  4. You made beautiful art inspired by the very special music of Pink Floyd.
    Music is always an inspiration for creative people.
    Thank you for sharing the new pattern ripples!

  5. I don't see worms. I think it's just really pretty! Well done, Helen.

  6. love this..lots of people see worms...when I draw Mooka, people see i put in eyes and go with the flow!

  7. The shading on your 'worms' blows me away. Absolutely brilliant piece. I've not tangled for a while but this pattern speaks to me. Love your site.


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