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possibly a little too much Pink Floyd

I have been listening to "The Wall" on almost constant repeat for about a week - Erin bought home a tape from a garage sale and as soon as she started playing it I remembered how much I used to love this album and headed straight to iTunes to download it. That was over a week ago and I have really immersed myself in it. Re-watched the movie and have been reading an in-depth analysis. Ah, such is the way of a compulsive person. Another week or so and it'll be out of my system.

Anyway, over the weekend I drew this - I started off thinking about the loopy paisley shapes of my last drawings, but wanted to play with weaving the lines in and out of each other:
So, then I shaded and added the straight detail lines. My husband took one look and said it looked like worms. Gross. So not the effect I was after, and, possibly the subliminal result of all that Pink Floyd. So, I added the random-ish checks which hopefully gives it the more loose, organic, non-worm appearance I was after.

Carrying on with the loopy's been a while since I've done a Diva Challenge and had hoped to get last weeks one done. Well, I didn't. But, I did play around with the concept and ended up with a pattern that I really like.

This started off as trying to fit Sandy Hunter's fabulous pattern, Cruffle (one of my absolute faves) into a square. It morphed a bit - love the effect that you get if you join up the loops (3&4) on each side of the "s" shaped line.

You can get some neat effects by the way you fill it, or if you switch the direction of the initial s shaped lines, too.
I haven't really kept up with any patterns for a while, so please let me know if I have osmosized someone else's design :)