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ribbon ring

It's been cold here - frost for the last 4 or 5 mornings. It takes a bit of motivation to get up and milk the cow, I can tell you!

I sketched this one up last night and finished it up today - a LOT of shading work - which always kills my neck/back. Being short-sighted, I find it easier to do detail work without my glasses and subconsciously move closer and closer until I'm hunched over, about 5cm away from the page! So, I was very, very glad when I was ready to declare it complete!

Neutral shading tones for this one. The ribbons are double-sided, so the pattern changes back and forth as they twist.
Here's a progression of linework/(some) shading/final product:
Hope you're having a fabulous weekend - I think I have worn myself out drawing over the past few days.