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a little more quandary

I am waiting........and waiting.......and waiting for a video to upload to Youtube that I wanted to put up today, but as it's taking forever I thought I would post a few images of my quandary play over the weekend.

Quandary Sphere: I love to put patterns through their paces and see how they work - one "test" I do a lot is to see if they work as a sphere. I saw some circles looking through the challenge responses last week that looked great. Here's my version:
Little daisies: a real quick one that gave me an excuse to play with hot pink/purple which I love almost as much as lime green.
A bit of randomising - adding lines in the negative space - reminds me of triangle puf.
In the time it took to do this post my video has crept along another 10% - it may be done by my next anniversary.........or if I'm lucky.....tonight! Off to pick some veggies for tea.