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challenge #106 - Year of the Snake

I'm tired. Soooooooo tired. Milking. Bah. John and I are up every morning at 5am doing the first milking - the cow still needs us both to get her in and John has been in the kicking zone putting on the cups, etc for most of this week - I have just started to do this over the past 2 days. We need to get it done before John has to get ready for work, hence the early start. The cow has been great (no kicks!) and is getting into the routine - after about another week I'll take over the morning shift by myself and move it to a much more respectable 6am. Anyway, all this = both of us very tired. At least I've been able to have a quick nap most days. And, on the plus side I have fresh milk, cream, homemade yogurt, ricotta, and today - as I have about 20 litres of milk and a litre of cream in the fridge - icream and butter!

Now, onto this weeks diva challenge  which was to take inspiration from the Chinese Year of the Snake.

Snakes - I don't love them - but living in a rural area of Victoria with a lot of bush on our property/around us - we know they are close by - Victoria alone has almost 30 species of snakes, and Australia has quite a few of the most venemous snakes in the world. I rarely see them, but 2 summers ago we had both a Tiger Snake (very dangerous) and Brown Snake, within 5 metres of the house - it was a very wet summer, I think they were there for the population explosion of frogs in the pond. Fortunately I have not seen any since.

So for this challenge, I went in a really different direction for my first drawing. This is much more a CIA (challenge inspired artwork), than a ZIA - though there's a little knightsbridge thrown in there.

These flowers are called Snake's Head Fritallary. These adorable little flowers are also known as a Chess Flower among other common names. Google image them - you know you want to! Gorgeous, gorgeous! They just happened to be in my current range of garden catalogues - I'm in looooooove and am ordering some bulbs for this spring. Can't wait till they pop out in my garden!

Snake's Head Fritallary:
And, this one, a bit of a snake inspired tooooob/cone thang that I quickly drew last night. Love these loopy, juicy looking tubes.