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challenge #106 - Year of the Snake

I'm tired. Soooooooo tired. Milking. Bah. John and I are up every morning at 5am doing the first milking - the cow still needs us both to get her in and John has been in the kicking zone putting on the cups, etc for most of this week - I have just started to do this over the past 2 days. We need to get it done before John has to get ready for work, hence the early start. The cow has been great (no kicks!) and is getting into the routine - after about another week I'll take over the morning shift by myself and move it to a much more respectable 6am. Anyway, all this = both of us very tired. At least I've been able to have a quick nap most days. And, on the plus side I have fresh milk, cream, homemade yogurt, ricotta, and today - as I have about 20 litres of milk and a litre of cream in the fridge - icream and butter!

Now, onto this weeks diva challenge  which was to take inspiration from the Chinese Year of the Snake.

Snakes - I don't love them - but living in a rural area of Victoria with a lot of bush on our property/around us - we know they are close by - Victoria alone has almost 30 species of snakes, and Australia has quite a few of the most venemous snakes in the world. I rarely see them, but 2 summers ago we had both a Tiger Snake (very dangerous) and Brown Snake, within 5 metres of the house - it was a very wet summer, I think they were there for the population explosion of frogs in the pond. Fortunately I have not seen any since.

So for this challenge, I went in a really different direction for my first drawing. This is much more a CIA (challenge inspired artwork), than a ZIA - though there's a little knightsbridge thrown in there.

These flowers are called Snake's Head Fritallary. These adorable little flowers are also known as a Chess Flower among other common names. Google image them - you know you want to! Gorgeous, gorgeous! They just happened to be in my current range of garden catalogues - I'm in looooooove and am ordering some bulbs for this spring. Can't wait till they pop out in my garden!

Snake's Head Fritallary:
And, this one, a bit of a snake inspired tooooob/cone thang that I quickly drew last night. Love these loopy, juicy looking tubes.


  1. Love your 'snakes' for this year. Love your cow :-). Take care and rest if possible :-) love 'n greetz, Ellen

  2. Mooovellous!! Helen you are the Dairy Queen of Snake Tangling.

  3. I also love these juicy toob, cone, thangs, how sweet and Delicious looking! Fabulous shading and volume!

  4. I also love the fritillary, but in my garden they do not survive very long. Yours are beautiful and so is the snake.

  5. As usual...beautiful 'Snake's Head' Fritillary flowers. As for the cow...she brings back fond memories of childhood and my Grandmother making butter to spread on her homemade bread and cottage cheese with rich cream mixed!

  6. Very nice! Yes, I like the tubes too, and the flower is beautiful!

  7. Your flowers are so beautiful, just love it! The tube is super cool, too...thinking that would be a fun page in the calendar!

  8. Beautiful and so creative.
    Love the Fritallary flowers, I also have them in my garden in white (alba) and they are some of my favorites.

  9. I will probably look those flowers up, you did a beautiful job on all your art work!!

  10. I am slow finishing off the week of te snake challenge, however, I must say that you always amaze me with your creative and fabulous approach to each and every challenge!


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