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Challenge #107 - Quandary

It's Friday. BIG YAY FOR FRIDAY! I *think* we've made it over the hump - our Jersey is coming to the gate to be milked (she luuuuuurves those pellets), she's no longer scared of the milking machine, we're now able do it by ourselves, so we can share the "shifts". AND from next week I will start getting up at 6am rather than 5am to bring her in.

Oh, yeah, and it rained yesterday and the forecast is for more over the next week. woohoo!

So, fingers crossed, I can now get back to my regularly scheduled program of drawing. and, oh yes, sleep. Sweet, precious, sleep.

This weeks Diva Challenge - the official tangle Quandary - step-outs were released last week in the Zentangle Newsletter.

I love it. So cute. Lots of little daisies and I do love my daisies.

Quandary Embroidery: A bit of a recurring theme for me - wrapping laces around needles and stitchery themes. Love them. Quandary cooperated beautifully.
Dandelion: with little individual quandary seed heads:
I've got a couple of scribbled pages of ideas so am hoping I get more of a chance to play this weekend.

Have a great one!