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VIDEOS - Y-flip

Hey. So, I've been totally unmotivated. It's hot....yes....still really hot. I've started back at school this week. I have no energy and, I'm completely bored with myself. Result = no drawing this week.

Today I decided I needed to do something, so, I've put together a quick video for Y-Flip using my new camera - much better video quality filming with my SLR than my ipod (as you'd expect), but as it's so much heavier, and with the tripod I have, harder to mount over my work so I've had to film from the side which isn't great and means I have to draw at a bit of an odd angle to avoid getting my big, fat head in the way. Will have to play with this set up a bit, I think.

Here's Y-flip, includes how to do basic and extended y versions from my initial post