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Heartstrings - VIDEO and variations

Feedburner is doing funny things with the stats, showing me that my subscribers have disappeared. I have my fingers crossed the feed is going out. If you subscribe via email, and you receive this, I would love it if you could post a comment, or email me to let me know that it is working. Thankyou, thankyou :)

O.k, so I finally got this video uploaded after 5 tries! Aaargh! Last night, on my 4th try, it told me it was going to take 7 hours to upload.......huh?!?.......what?????!!! So I just cancelled it and tried again this morning at a slightly reduced resolution. It worked.. Quickly, too!

You'll probably want to view it in a larger view to see the detail due to all the fine string lines.

Some variations. Linda Farmer at came up with the idea to flip alternate rows of hearts. Love this idea. Here's mine with some randomised lines. Love the squished hearts.
Brief step-outs of the variations on the video. Use the basic pattern step-out for more detail on strings, fill, etc.