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challenge #143 - Cruze

Well, things have been pretty crazy around here.......for months, really. My computer went into fibrillation earlier on in the week and though we have been able to resuscitate it on and off (like now - let's hope I make it to the end of the post!!!), and the ipad is useless for blogger posts - I haven't found an app that allows me to do enough editing to the posts to make it look like I want, so the computer's the only option.

A new computer is on it's way, though, I am scared of Windows 8, so I may be buried in the learning curve for a bit.

So, the challenge - I hadn't had a chance to play with cruze and scribbled down some ideas earlier in the week, finally got a chance to finish off this piece today.

My mini break for Melbourne Cup week is over and I have 5 weeks till the end of the term/end of my 2 year contract - I cannot wait!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!