Heartswell VIDEO

One of my goals over the term break was to catch up with making videos for the patterns that I hadn't done one for yet - I managed to knock over a few which was great!

I do know that many of you prefer to hear me talking through the patterns on the videos, but as it ends up taking me 3 or 4 times longer to create and edit a video when I do it this way, I've had to go with my non-talking/soundtrack versions this time around :)

You can see the pattern step out and samples of Heartswell here.  It can be drawn on a line grid or freehand and this video shows both of these methods. It's like a reverse Heartstrings.

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Hope you have fun with this one.

Have a great day!


Ellish & Ollie

Lots of news in this post..........firstly:

It seems like it's been ages since I've played with tangle pattern that just caught my eye. I'm glad Ellish did on this occasion - it's a lot of fun to draw with - very sinuous and pretty, what's not to love?

I'd like to experiment with it more.

And now for something a little different - I thought I'd share a drawing from one of my final Illustration assignments last term - we had to create a steampunk character, so here's my favourite guy, Ollie, steampunk-ed up :) He is done entirely with grey lead pencil.

Other news:

On the school front I'm currently applying for a short term (3 weeks in September) study exchange to Cedar Rapids, IA & Chicago - which will be very exciting if I'm approved for it. Part of my application is to list some industries or companies that I would like to visit - so, if anyone is familiar with the area and knows of places in either Cedar Rapids or Chicago that would be a benefit for me to visit and relate to my field of study: Graphic Design, please let me know.

In some other fun news, I have begun work on a new e-book. This one will be a little slower going with my school load, but I currently devote Wednesday's and whatever other time I can during the week to it. It's shaping up well and I'm excited. I'll give out more info on it when I've got a bit more under my belt.

Around home the countdown continues for Miss Jersey's new calf and John has finally got the roof on the pig shed (this shed project has been in progress for about 4 years now  - it's a huge structure - and has just recently moved forward in leaps and bounds). 

Here's a pic of the first lamb for 2016 from a few weeks ago. So sweet.

Have an amazing weekend!


Double 8's PATTERN

I've had a wonderful time during the term break - I've been getting lots of drawing done and have a bit of a stockpile of fun things to share with you over the next term :)

I'm back at school again from next Monday, 4 days a week! I'm equal parts excited and dreading the amount of time I'll have to spend studying.

A while back I posted a pattern 2/8's - this week I've been revisiting the concept and have developed a couple of spin off patterns.

Here's one of them: Double 8's:

And, just for fun - here they are as individual "off grid" flowers:

And with some colour for a change :)

Around the farm not much is happening - we're in the middle of Winter, it's cold but not too bad. We haven't had any frozen pipes or much snow on the nearby mountains. Still the wood heater is running 24/7 :) Our two mama sheep have given birth to their lambs - they're healthy and adorable! I love seeing them run around the paddock. Miss Jersey is also due to calf in another 6ish weeks - I can't wait, I'm missing having all that fresh milk and cream.

Hope your weekend is amazing!


Morning Glory Remix

Hello everyone! I have missed you all whilst I've been buckling down and getting all my final assignments done.

Right now I am on mid year break - the ideas are flowing and I am drawing like mad before I head back to school to start on the Diploma next term.

This morning I dropped by to check out the diva challenge. Though I didn't want to add to any drawings (I like keeping them as is as a record of my progression), I really liked the idea of reworking something that I had previously done, so I went back............way back to the very first tangling journal I started in 2012. Back then I didn't bother dating my drawings, but the binder of the journal has 6/2012 on it, so it happened sometime around them.

Here it is:

This was the first foray into my drawing obsession with morning glories. What I found interesting was how early on I started playing with strings and scrolls. You can see I'm still finding my style here - there's an element of white space - my current-day minimalism is trying to emerge. Though I've never added much colour to my drawings, this piece was the first one in the journal where I used colour.

The 2016 version:

I've stuck with the basic framework of flowers - though I've added one to replace the web and used my more recent morning glory drawing method. I like the more elegant scrolls and extra white space on this piece. I also wanted to include a "bubble" and some colour as a nod to the original image so I added the soap bubble nestled in the string. I love how the revamp turned out.

I have a real fondness for my original drawing - it was a lot of fun seeing the contrast to my current drawing style.

If you want to check out previous drawings/blog posts featuring morning glories, along with both of my morning glory patterns click here.

Have an amazing weekend!