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Here's the new pattern mentioned in my previous post, Scribble Daisies
A couple of notes:
A dot grid helps to keep it straight/regulated if that's the look you want.
Note 1: shows the initial strokes done in a different order.
Note 2: keep adding more lines to fill if you want - really changes the pattern appearance.

Here's a couple of freeform versions:
I'm currently working on a video for this one :)

Have fun!


  1. Mmmmm ... so graceful ... and so forgiving I'll bet! I look forward to drawing this one tomorrow. Thank you, Helen!

  2. I love it!
    Flowing and wavery...
    It look like a beautiful mix of the TanglePatterns: Auraknot, Knot Ricks and Hurry. ;o)
    Look forward to the video.

  3. this is really pretty, helen, i'm going to include a link to this blog post on my 2 facebook pages. i also have a young art friend in colorado - here in the states - that i sent to your ebook on ribbons. her name is carli and she's a wonderful young artist interested in trying lots of different things. i thought of your blog right away.

  4. Thank you Helen. This was so helpful and so fun. However, I miss your slower videos and even more, I miss your voice guiding us through the steps.

  5. This is a terrific new Pattern, Helen. I had a ball drawing it.

  6. Helen, I love your new pattern. I have been playing with it ever since I saw it here. I'm sure it will become another one of my favorites, it's just all kinds of fun to play with. Thank you, Helen, for sharing with us.

  7. Beautiful pattern! Thank you for sharing :)

  8. Helen, are you planning to do a video for Weave?

    1. Hi Jan, yes! I already have one - you can find it here:


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