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Challenge #147 - Boo.Kee

Oh happy day! Yesterday was my last day at school........not just for the term........but forever! I finished up one week early due to orientation, school concerts etc. Bonus!!! I am now back to my most favourite job as a full-time, home-based mum after a 5 1/2 year hiatis. I wonder if my husband will now expect the house to be tidy and dinner to make it to the table before 8.30pm? haha.....probably not.

I have also been busy, busy working on a Christmas surprise for my blog subscribers which I am hoping to have on the blog within the next week - are you excited? I am. LOL. It's ready to go, but......I am in the process of ironing out blog/internet/html.......gaaah. I hate that stuff! All the research into making these things work within the limitations of blogger gives me a big, fat headache! I just want to draw.

This week's challenge was to use Boo.Kee - I loved the look of it as soon as I saw it - circles are a favourite for me.
I did have a bit of a Christmas tree theme in mind, or a zipper thingy (ummm, yeah, one of things of which we do not speak) but then my pen took over and this is what happened instead.

Have a fabulous week!