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more string........

Have you had enough of the strings already?? Did you cringe in horror when you saw the title? More to the point, have I had enough???? Unfortunately not.... ah, me and my obsessive tendencies, we're a package deal......and since I have always loved drawing loops, threads, ribbons and laces, it's probably not surprising that I'm still feeling the string love. I've tracked down a fresh moleskine folio from my stash upstairs and will be continuing the journey in that. delicious.

So, the offering for today:

String cosmos:
Just string:
Now, off to make my morning green juice.......have a good day all!


  1. I LOVE YOUR STRINGS! Keep em coming!!

  2. Amen! I love your strings too and yes, keep them coming for sure.

  3. LOL... your second string looks like some yarn I was trying to roll into a ball yesterday! Your cosmo string is stunning. Can never get enough of your work!

  4. Nice, How to make the two thin lines so beautiful next to each other?

    1. Thanks! There's a step out here (previous post):

  5. You've got me hooked on drawing strings--so fun!

  6. No cringing here, I love to see where your pen and paper take you. The stitching through the petals spoke to my love of embroidery.

  7. helen - i've tried to do this and i stink at parallel lines. i'm going to keep on trying, though, cause i love what you're doing with it. that wad of string is wonderful! thanks for showing your steps, that will help me for sure. i've been working too 'big scale' and need to go to more precision. thank you :)

  8. I so so much love your String Cosmos! I downloded it to my mobile as a walpaper .I love poppy flowers .Your moloskine string is wonderful!


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