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another strategy

Something else that I like to do when I short on inspiration is to try out someone else's cool idea - in this case I wanted to have a play around with this string idea that I'd pinned a while back. Love this. so cool and way, way better than my attempts.

I did pages of this stuff. I started off just getting a feel for how I should approach it - my version is less intense and not as cohesive as the original piece. I think I'm just genetically programmed to minimalize - though I will keep playing!

After this, I knew that I would want something more simplified that suited my drawing style, so my next progression was significantly pared down:

After a break to have a coffee - inspiration struck (finally!!!) and I thought I would try combining the string with my favourite flowers:

So, has it worked? Do I feel inspired and have more ideas to go ahead with?.....well, yeah, I do! I'm happy with what I came up with and feel excited to keep drawing. It probably also helps that as of yesterday, I have my little upstairs studio back. I spent the afternoon tidying up and putting everything back in it's place and transferring my drawing stuff from the desk downstairs so that today I could just go ahead and draw with everything I needed within reach. Luxury!!