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another strategy

Something else that I like to do when I short on inspiration is to try out someone else's cool idea - in this case I wanted to have a play around with this string idea that I'd pinned a while back. Love this. so cool and way, way better than my attempts.

I did pages of this stuff. I started off just getting a feel for how I should approach it - my version is less intense and not as cohesive as the original piece. I think I'm just genetically programmed to minimalize - though I will keep playing!

After this, I knew that I would want something more simplified that suited my drawing style, so my next progression was significantly pared down:

After a break to have a coffee - inspiration struck (finally!!!) and I thought I would try combining the string with my favourite flowers:

So, has it worked? Do I feel inspired and have more ideas to go ahead with?.....well, yeah, I do! I'm happy with what I came up with and feel excited to keep drawing. It probably also helps that as of yesterday, I have my little upstairs studio back. I spent the afternoon tidying up and putting everything back in it's place and transferring my drawing stuff from the desk downstairs so that today I could just go ahead and draw with everything I needed within reach. Luxury!!



  1. Goegeous! The daisies make the string more interesting . .

  2. Could you explain how you went about drawing this. I am trying to visualize where one starts. Thanks.

    1. Diane, did you ever get a reply to the how question?

    2. I'll have to draw a diagram for you, Diane & Yvonne - much easier than trying to explain it :)

  3. I love it! Where ever your inspiration comes from the results are always grand. In the photo of the first piece with lots of "strings" there is so much energy. In your last 2 photos there is a calming flow and peacefulness. I enjoyed seeing the difference.

  4. I, like Diane, would love to know how to go about starting this string thing.

  5. this is pretty wonderful, helen, and it looks relaxing to do. i think i'll give it a go - after my coffee :)

  6. Loved seeing the transition of your strings. Thanks for sharing. I'm quoting Mosaic Magpies's descriptions of the photos when I say that I appreciate the "energy" of the first drawing, but love the "calming flow and peacefulness" of the last two.


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