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VIDEO - drack

Slowly, but steadily (okay, not steadily, just slowly......!) I am getting the videos for the patterns done. I recorded 5 of them last week and now it's just the tedious process of editing them. I hate that part. Oh, and the uploading......the horrible, horrible uploading. My well variation video last week ai ai ai....!

O.k., so here's the one for drack. I ummmmed and ahhhhed about even doing a video for this pattern as it's pretty straightforward, but I like to be thorough :)

Roosters crowing in the background (pretty much a recurring theme in my vids). We have quite a few roosters at the moment (John has a complicated breeding program for his beloved chickies) and they like to make themselves heard.

I also really wish I could learn not to natter on about superfluous stuff. lol. I just can't help myself.......talking needlessly.......on and on and on.......and on about......stuff. Haha.

See ya!