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stacked ribbon petals

School is out! Finally! I have begun my 4 week break then we are into the final term of the year (as well as the final term of my contract!) Over the past 2 years I have enjoyed (sometimes) cooking with the children, I've learnt a lot and no doubt grown personally, but I am really, really happy it will be coming to an end in December. More time to focus on my garden, animals and home next year - I am planning to get bees very, very soon! I can't wait.

I really love drawing stacked loopy strings and for whatever reason the idea of a flower centre with a loopy string bunched up underneath it popped into my head the other night when I was reading - like most of my drawing ideas they appear when I'm doing something totally unrelated. Anyway, I quickly sketched out a couple of versions and here's the results:

My favourite version in greyscale:
Colour version:

Very easy, here's how: