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look ma, no grid

This week's diva challenge was, not surprisingly, the newly released zentangle pattern - Well.

Every time I approached this pattern using the grid as a base there was some weird gravitational pull going on that kept making me convert it into something very like paradox - I just could not help but put directional lines in it - and voila - paradox.

So, I ditched the grid and "randomised" it.

First, I approached this by doing random large and small circles on the page and connected them with the directional lines to create the base pattern. I loved it and went on to experiment more with colour and shading, and eventually evolved into a different way of drawing it.

Fun, fun. It may no longer look much like the basic pattern, but it was definitely the genesis.
Love how these look like butterflies

I am about to head off for my last classes for term (woohoo!) but will put up a little tutorial on how I approached this either later tonight or tomorrow.



  1. You are correct that it does not look like the original pattern, but in your usual style you have turned it into quite a piece of art. Can't wait to see the tutorial.

  2. Beautiful in its simplicity! I love your interpretation!

  3. Very nice, I mean..... really very very nice!!!! love 'n greetz

  4. Love what you have done and can't wait to see the tutorial!

  5. Always amazed and your it!

  6. Helen,
    You just crack me up girl! You are such a free spirit it just makes me laugh. Do your animal pens have CURVED fences!! Just too funny...
    I love, Love, LOVE your work...but you knew that already!
    Thanks so much for brightening my days all the way across the world to my own little corner of it here in Las VEgas NV.
    Take care.

  7. Absolutely amazing and charming! Great interpretation of Well!!

  8. Gorgeous Helen. You created a totally new look of Well. And I like it very much, wether they look like butterflies or peas it is just beautifull.

  9. Just beautifully awesome!! Well it definitely looks like butterflies and little garden fairies..just love the simplicity

  10. How beautifully delicate yours are.


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