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look ma, no grid

This week's diva challenge was, not surprisingly, the newly released zentangle pattern - Well.

Every time I approached this pattern using the grid as a base there was some weird gravitational pull going on that kept making me convert it into something very like paradox - I just could not help but put directional lines in it - and voila - paradox.

So, I ditched the grid and "randomised" it.

First, I approached this by doing random large and small circles on the page and connected them with the directional lines to create the base pattern. I loved it and went on to experiment more with colour and shading, and eventually evolved into a different way of drawing it.

Fun, fun. It may no longer look much like the basic pattern, but it was definitely the genesis.
Love how these look like butterflies

I am about to head off for my last classes for term (woohoo!) but will put up a little tutorial on how I approached this either later tonight or tomorrow.